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The Amritsar golden temple india

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Amritsar Golden Temple of India

Amritsar Golden Temple is top holy and tourist place in india for visitor and devotees  The Amritsar golden temple is most famous holy place of India,Its also known Darbar sahib,Harmandir Sahib.Its is located in old town area of Amritsar in Punjab stat India.It is famous and this a prominent Sikh Gurdwara.This great holy  prominent Sikh Gurdwara build by 5th Sikh Guru Arjun.Its build in December 1585 to August 1604.This is Sikh architecture style. This is great and holy symbol of Sikhs openness to all  religions people.Send us a MSG in Hindi English or Panjabi for suggestion on this article.

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Amritsar Golden Temple Holy Lake

There is a holy lake in Harmandir Sahib or Amritsar Golden Temple.There is a man made island. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is located in man mad island in holy lake.This holy pond is very famous for there holiest.All visitor and devotees must take a dip in the holy lake for clean there sin, wickedness, misdoing and there untreatable disease.This lake is full of many type fish, Devotees gave him food.There is a Akal Takht 100 meter away from Golden temple.Here is a one ground  floor and four other floor.Here is also a auditorium and is solved all many big problems of Sikhism or related to sikh community .

History of  and Architecture of Golden Temple

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Amritsar Golden Temple is 400 year old. Sikh Gurudwara .This Great amirit sahar golden temple build by Sikh Guru Arjun.Its construction was started in December 1585 and end or completed in August 1604.The present day Gurdwara was rebuilt by great Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in 1764 .This designer was Guu Arjun he was also founder of this holy architecture .Its look like a golden temple.This great temple has ben many time destroyed so its reconstructed many time by great sikhs for there devotion and fath again and again.In 19 century many time Afgan invaders destroy this Sahib Darbar when Great King Maharana Ranjeet singh rebuild again and he was decorate with beautiful and so attractive gold lining.This temple always 24 hours opened for all devotees.most devotees  came here in evening to midnight.Its carving and outer beauty really so attractive.This Gurudwara have four door according to four direction because on that mainly four cast found in India.These door  have holy means for every cast or religious  devotees are freely visit here.Always every religion people are welcome here so its really something special for people.

Nearest Gurudwara from Harmandir Sahib gurudwara

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There are many others Gurudwara in Amritsar Golden Temple India but there are nearest famous gurudwara are   Baba Atal Gurdwara and Kauln mother.Its very near by Harmandir Sahib any can be reach here by foot in few minutes.Here is also a famous holy place called Guru's Palace(Guru Ka Mahal) on that time when constrict this Golden temple Guru is living here on that time.Baba Atal is nine-storey harritage and its also highest tall building of Amirat city.Its build in Memory of son of Hargobind who die in accidentally in 9 year age.There are many Picture of Great Guru Nanak and sikhism.Koulan is small Gurudwra .There is a Sargadi Sahib Gurudwara its build in 1902 by British government in memory of Sikh solder who die in Aglo Afgaan war.There is also near Jalia wala bag .

Langar ( Ancher)

In Amritsar Golden Temple always organized a Langar Its a free full eating and drinking arrangement.Its organised by Th Shiromany Gurudwara Manager Committee.Many thousand of devotees eat here holy Gurudwar's foor.After eat this holy food they feel lucky by eating this food.ALl people who coming here contibute in anchare with there compatible.above 40 thousad people always eat here holy Gurudwara food.There is Gururamdas Inn ist full free for saty devotees and visitor. Its a big 228 rooms and 18 big halls inn.Guru Ramsdas inn build in 1784Here is very familer arrangement for stay.A man three day regular will stay here free.

How to reach Amritsar Golden Temple

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The Golden Temple Amirata sahar  is a highly famous visited pilgrimage place in India and its chief holy place for sikhim .Its connected to all way by roadway,airway and railway with all big cities of India.You can choose any .Distance from Delhi  454 km 7 hours 21 min  by car

Best time for visit Amritsar Golden Temple of India

Amritsar Golden Temple you can visit all time but October to march is best time for visit Amritsar Golden Temple of India in this month here's climate is suitable  but October or November is better for visit here.
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