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Famous Indian Mud Clay Pots Rajasthan

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Indian Mud Clay Pots Rajasthan

Water container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper

Hello fans we are sharing with you Mud  pots or Clay Pots of Rajasthan of India,In This article we share complete guide of How to create Indian Rajasthan Mud Clay Pots, how Mud Clay Pots water became so cool naturally. We share some unique and special article about Rajasthan state and all around The India so lets enjoy this article about Indian Mud or clay pots.Its used in all Rajasthan's houses,So its famous cooling things in Rajasthan and its water also so testy in test.

History of Indian Mud or clay pots

Karwa Mud clay pot image,piture,photo,wallpaper

Its history is very old its used in God Ram time or Ramayan time and Krishn time or on Mahabharat time. its also found in Indus Valley Civilization. In excavation Indus Valley Civilization there was found many pieces of this.All are some different style with there work, Its  best evidence that mud used from centuries. There also oldest wall paint of this.

Construction of Indian clay or mud pots

According to there name its build by mud and water, There are many type clays in India so its used different area in d different clays. Its build only two thing we wright upper but now many designer different it very different style with special paints but when more paints used on pots its refrigeration or water cooling capacity is going to decreased. So mostly people are not using paints on clay pots they using this simple style for better performance.

Rate of Indian Rajasthans Clay or Mud Pots

container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper

In  now days or winter days its rate or Rs. going to very high about 100 rupees but in summer its going to down. Its rate are going different with different style this. Special pots is high and simple is low.

How to made Indian Mud or Clay Pots

Its build by two thing water and clay,Making it very easy but build it wanna mastership for special curve work.Its manly made by Rajasthan Kumhar cast people. They build it easily and its there traditional work or business. Now some people are export this to many country because its going to famous in many western countries  also and Must are give us natural cool test of water.

Flowers clay or mud Pot

Flowers cay pot or mud pots is very useful for little garden. Its also used in home garden, There look also so attractive and and its give flowers natural touch for there growth.Its mostely used in big cities and hotels.Its found many style with special curve and design  with paintings

Flower Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,wallpaper,photo

Famous Mud Clay pots Of India

In all around the India Mud are used, But mostly its used in Rajasthan state because its have more hot climate also. So here first need of cool water so all Rajasthan's mud pot are very famous in India,But Mokalsar village's clay pots are very famous in Rajasthan and also in India. Its cooled water in few hours and its cooling capacity is better also.They are not easily breakable.

Shape of Clay or Mud Pots of India

Its made in Many shape and all are used in different place or work.
Deepak   - Its mostly used in Deepawali or Diwali festival  for lighting by oil with cotton.
Karva     - Its mostly used in Karva choth by Indian lady on Karva choth festival.
Mud Piggy Bank   - Its used for store money by day by day with small amount.
Simple Container   - Its used for contain simple thing og home.
Designing  Pots - Its a water container with special designing look.
Simple water container - Its mostly used in houses, Its a simple water container used for cooling water.
container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper
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The Secret of Taj Mahal Wonder Of India

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The Secret of Taj  Mahal Wonder Of India

All around the wold everyone know about the Taj Mahal. This is a  Great building which is located in Agra in  Utter Pradesh India.In 1983 UNESCO was announced as world heritage.Today it is included
Secrete of taj mahal
The Taj Mahal
in seven wonder of the world.Its also a symbol of real love of the Moomtaz and Shah Jahhan Its great Harrietta constructed by the great Mughal  Badshah (emperor Shah Jahan) Its  constructed for his wife Mumtaaz begam (wife of Shah Jahhan)  This is most famous world Heritage(first wonder of wold) and it is a gorgeous gift of Islamic art. This so beautiful building fully covered by pure white marble .On June 17, 1631 Mumtaz Mahal was sudden die . She was die after delivering her fourteenth child. Due to Mumtaz  Mahal Shahjahan was  so  distraught and depressed .There saving color changed in 14 days black to white . On Mummtaz memory Shah Jahaan Build the Taj Mahal.He feel so sad in the life.

Secret Of  Taj Mahal

Mumtaz real picture Tajmahal
Real Picture Of Mumtaj Mahal
Location         -  City -Agra, stat Uttar Pradesh, Country-India
Built In         -  1632–1653
Age              -  350 year old

Architect        -  Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
Architectural    -  Mughal architecture
Worker           -  20,000 workers took to build
Period           -  20 years
Coordinates      -  27.174799°N  to 78.042111°E
Height           -  171 m or 561 feet
1000 Elephant Used for Transport Building material
Money - About 32 million Rupees that time
The principal designer Abdul-Karim Ma'mur Khan, Makramat Khan, and Ustad Ahmad Lahauri
For  construct the tomb and base its took about  12 years
 20,000 workers took to build the Taj Mahal in 20 years.
The dome height is about   115 feet .

Something About Structure Taj Mahal

Principal designer Abdul-Karim Ma'mur Khan, Makramat Khan, and Ustad Ahmad Lahauri The Taj mahal was built in 1631 and Its was finished on  1653 .The The tomb and base is main point of Taj .For  construct the tomb and base its took about  12 years old. Been about 32 million Rupees at that time .The dome is the one of  most   gorgeous  parts of Taj mahal . The dome height is about   115 feet .Shah Jahhan  was cut  the hands of the most and best  workers when it is fully completed .Its main reason  cut off hands off worker  that no one in the future  would ever be able to build  like this type grate building again .Sharajah want that never build anywhere again like this building .
.Its great Harrietta constructed by the great Mughal  Badshah (emperor Shah Jahan) . Ustad Ahmad Lahore is chief
designer of this building .

Martial Using In Taj Mahal

feretory Of Mumtaaz
The Taj Mahal was constructed unique material of Asia. All marble was brought from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is very famous for there best wight marble in the wold .Over 1,000 elephants were used to transport building materials during the construction. The translucent white marble was brought from Rajasthan,All jasper brought from  Punjab and the jade and crystal  brought from China.
The turquoise was brought from Tibet and the Lapis lazuli brought from Afghanistan, All the sapphire  brought from Sri Lanka and the carnelian  brought from Arabia. There are, 28 types of precious and semi precious.  It is  were inlaid into the pure white marble.
in the  focal point of  Taj Mahal, there is a pure milky marble  built on a square foundation
( mausoleum).

Timing and Best Time For Taj  Mahal Wonder Of India

For more information you can send Sms in Hindi and English Language
Timings for Visit:
Except Friday this is Every Day open with Sunrise to Sunset
Night timing is 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM 
On Full moon night and two days before and two days after
Day Fees - Rs 750 for
Rs 510 for  SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries
Rs 20 for Indian
Night Fees -
Rs 750 for
Rs 510 - Indian

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Tourism Attraction of Rajasthan

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Tourism Attraction of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is very famous state in India, Its big state of India also. There are many things which made Rajasthan highly famous state of India. I wanna say you in last few years Rajasthan is top in tourism in India. Means every year many visitors first choice this state, Mostly from America, Poland, Kannada and Europeans country like this state so much, Its biggest part of incredible India, Its have many tourism attraction like as big and well condition forts, Great and gorgeous Hindu and Jain temples, many type with different architecture kings palaces, here different type geography which is west side Thar desert and middle east Arvali rocky hills, here friendly culture, different style also so attractive dresses, folk dance and folk music which is give us a awesome touch of Rajasthan, One of most popular Tiger centenary,  This state also popular for there history and here great brave solders also. If you visit here you will find sure a total tourism of India.

Famous of Rajasthan image,,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Why Rajasthan is so Famous

If you think that Why Rajasthan is very popular in India and also around the wold. Its answer located in here different style geography, forts and cultures. If you visit another state they have mostly unique geographical structure in all side. But if you visit this state you will found there are many and different style geographical structure which made a this state tourism first choice this state. If you visit here's west side you will find wolds popular Thar desert, here you will find a so attractive India unique sand dunes, and If you visit at middle east you will find very high Aravali hills rank or rocky hills. If you watch here's fort there are no similar example like here's forest, which mostly situated on hill top,

10 famous Tourist attraction of Rajasthan

Rajasthan have big amount of tourism attraction. there are many places which are first and also a famous tourism focal point. I am sharing with you best and famous tourism attraction of Rajasthan which are highly popular in according to there tourism traffic. Some are historical and some are religious and devotional, Some tourist attraction are related to here's culture and tradition also.
The Best popular tourist Attraction of Rajasthan are
* Thar Desert        * Famous Fort  *Hindu Temples      * Jain Temples   * Sand Dunes *Aravali hills *Mount Abu Hill Station  *Folk dance and song* Culture  and Friendly  Attitude   * Puskar Temples

There are many other also popular tourist attraction of Rajasthan which made your trip very enjoy full If you visit India and if you was don't visit here i think you lost a biggest part of historical and architectural part of India. So must visit Famous Rajasthan tourism places for better experience nothing else.

10 Famous of Rajasthan

Famous of Rajasthan image,,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Thar Desert :-  Its located in west side of Rajasthan. Its a popular Thar desert. It is part of oldest Tethis Sea. Manly Jaisalmer, Barmer Jodhpur and Bikaner district are found in this region.
Famous Fort :- Rajasthan also famous for there biggest fort, Here is high amount of forts. There most 32 famous fort in Rajasthan, All are have a wonderful architecture also attractive history .
Hindi and Jain Temple :- Here you will found a high amount with great architecture Hindu and Jain temple, Some are Very old about 500 AD. Here's Ramdevra Temple is really so famous in India.
Sand Dunes :-  Sand Dunes of Rajasthan also famous in India because there no any Sand Dunes in this country, Here you can enjoy Jeep safari , camel safari and many hospitality in camps and huts.
Aravali hills :- Its oldest rocky raw of India. You know its also old from Himalaya, There are many animals centenary and many famous historical palaces so if you wanna enjoy rock choose it.
Mount Abu Hill station  : - Its one of most popular unique hill station of Rajasthan. Its located in south side of Rajasthan in Sirohi district. Its also popular in Gujrat, Here is nice Lake Nakky also.
Folk dance and song :- Every one know about awesome Rajasthan Kalbelia Folk dance. and also know about famous Langa's music. Kalbelia folk dance is very fast dance its very attractive and also tourist attraction. The Gulabo is popular Kalbelia dancer of Rajasthan and also in India. If you watch Chakari dance you amazed from this dance like as bally dance which is so attractive .
Culture and friendly attitude : - If you visit here you will sure trust my this line that here's culture is very attractive and peoples friendly attractive. Here's dresses and culture are also popular in Indian Bollywood. Lady dresses Gagara and Choli with special mirror are very attractive which are exported quality in all around the wold.
Famous of Rajasthan kalbelia image,,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Famous Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan's culture is very famous among Indian people. Here people speak Marwadi language so here's people also called Marwadi. Here's Jodhpur's paint shirt is Indian national dress . Mainly people wear on top a turban (safa). Here's people are very inspired from there great kings bravery like as Maharana Pratap and many more . Here's people attitude is so friendly and people like simple life style. Most people work on there farm so here's high amount of farmer.

Famous Puskar temples of Rajasthan

Puskar is small town of Ajmer district. Here is famous temples group of Rajasthan. Here's famous Barmha temple is wold attraction. Here is a beautiful and holy Puskar lake also and three side Aravali hills range. Its a natural tourism and regional place . Foreigners are staying here for many days. Pusker fair also attractive. It also biggest tourism place and local famous fair of Rajasthan.

Best time for Visit Rajasthan

If you wanna visit Rajasthan state's tourism attraction than make sure what is best time to visit Rajasthan. Because This state is very hot in few moths in April to August so its not fair. You can visit here any time but August to March is better for visit Rajasthan Tourism attraction. You can select your self according yourself .
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Karni Mata Rat Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

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Karni Mata Temple and Rat Temple

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Rajasthan is devotional area in India which is a most prefect example is Karni Mata Temple here worship goddess Karni mata and also here worshiped white Rats. Its devotees Belief of Charan cast peoples and also for other casts.In the Rajasthan state there are many temple all are very famous all around India and all had special and unique thing for there publicity.Some are famous for there oldest architecture, some are famous for special curve work,some are famous for there location Sundha Mata temple some are famous for there high level devotees crowd and all about to these This is famous for Goddess and There 20000 white and simple Rats that is awesome and really its unique in India and all around the wold also.

Karni Mata Deshnoke History

Karni Mata's old name or birth name was Ridhubai She was 7th doughtier of his father. she was born in 2 October 1387 .His father name was Mehoji Charan and his mother Deval Devi.He was born in Jodhpur district in Suwp village. His this name given by his aunt.At the age of six, she was miraculously treat her aunt of an disease. Karni means miraculously woman. At very young age she was married with Dipoji charan village sathika.The Dipoji was died in 1453.

White rat of Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Here's most attraction is white rats its also belief point of  Deshnoke Bikaner. Here you will found many rats with good health. Here is above 20000 thousand rats.All are also devotees Belief point.Here's rats no spread any disease like plague in history its magic of his.Legend has it that all rats of this temple's are son of Karni mata. Rats eating food called holly food. Here devotees eating with rats. Its realy unique and best example of belief in India.

Karni mata Mathania Kolayat Rao Jodha Bikaji

Karni Mata's first temple build by his devotees Amara Charan in Mathania village near by 32 km from Jodhpur district. Mathania is famous Charan's cast village and its also famous for there mirchi. In the kolayat village there is also famous temple of this.

How to reach Karni mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Bikaner is famous tourism and Namkeen product city of Rajasthan state. Its is the big district of Rajasthan its fully connected with roadways,airway and railways. Here you can reach using any above. Here you will found daily travel services of train bus and airplanes also you can visit here using private taxi or own car etc.
karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Distance from Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

From Delhi   473 km 7 hour 20 minutes
From Jaipur  343 km  5 hour 21 minutes
From Udaipur 443 km 7 hour 12 minutes
From  Agra   574 km  8 hour 50 minutes

From Jodhpur 220 Km  3 hour 50 minutes

Best time Visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Deshnoke is located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan state and its also located in Rajasthan desert area so its hot climate not very suitable to all so if you  wanna visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke than October to March is very suitable time for you. You can visit here at August to September its also best according here's fair and festival of local area.
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