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Karni Mata Rat Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

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Karni Mata Temple and Rat Temple

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Rajasthan is devotional area in India which is a most prefect example is Karni Mata Temple here worship goddess Karni mata and also here worshiped white Rats. Its devotees Belief of Charan cast peoples and also for other casts.In the Rajasthan state there are many temple all are very famous all around India and all had special and unique thing for there publicity.Some are famous for there oldest architecture, some are famous for special curve work,some are famous for there location Sundha Mata temple some are famous for there high level devotees crowd and all about to these This is famous for Goddess and There 20000 white and simple Rats that is awesome and really its unique in India and all around the wold also.

Karni Mata Deshnoke History

Karni Mata's old name or birth name was Ridhubai She was 7th doughtier of his father. she was born in 2 October 1387 .His father name was Mehoji Charan and his mother Deval Devi.He was born in Jodhpur district in Suwp village. His this name given by his aunt.At the age of six, she was miraculously treat her aunt of an disease. Karni means miraculously woman. At very young age she was married with Dipoji charan village sathika.The Dipoji was died in 1453.

White rat of Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Here's most attraction is white rats its also belief point of  Deshnoke Bikaner. Here you will found many rats with good health. Here is above 20000 thousand rats.All are also devotees Belief point.Here's rats no spread any disease like plague in history its magic of his.Legend has it that all rats of this temple's are son of Karni mata. Rats eating food called holly food. Here devotees eating with rats. Its realy unique and best example of belief in India.

Karni mata Mathania Kolayat Rao Jodha Bikaji

Karni Mata's first temple build by his devotees Amara Charan in Mathania village near by 32 km from Jodhpur district. Mathania is famous Charan's cast village and its also famous for there mirchi. In the kolayat village there is also famous temple of this.

How to reach Karni mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Bikaner is famous tourism and Namkeen product city of Rajasthan state. Its is the big district of Rajasthan its fully connected with roadways,airway and railways. Here you can reach using any above. Here you will found daily travel services of train bus and airplanes also you can visit here using private taxi or own car etc.
karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Distance from Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

From Delhi   473 km 7 hour 20 minutes
From Jaipur  343 km  5 hour 21 minutes
From Udaipur 443 km 7 hour 12 minutes
From  Agra   574 km  8 hour 50 minutes

From Jodhpur 220 Km  3 hour 50 minutes

Best time Visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Deshnoke is located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan state and its also located in Rajasthan desert area so its hot climate not very suitable to all so if you  wanna visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke than October to March is very suitable time for you. You can visit here at August to September its also best according here's fair and festival of local area.
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