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Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji Ramdevra rajasthan

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Baba Ramdevra Rajasthan Ramdev Temple

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Picture Photo image
Baba Ramdev
Ramdevra is a small town of Jaisalmer.Its located in north side of Pakaran about 11 kilometer.This is  a holy palace of Hindus and also for Muslim community.Here is a famous Lok devata  Baba Ramdeo Ji temple.This town also called Runicha.Ramdevra village name took in memory of Ramdev Ji Who live on penance(samadhi) here in 1459 AD and also here many Samadhi  of Ramdev Ji Devotees.Send us a Msg in Hindi English  for more detail.

Ram sarowar Ramdevra Talab Pond

Here is a famous and holy pond also known Ramsarower Talab.Devotees shrink here for clean there sin,misdoing,wickedness,guilt,immorality because this water have a magic for clean of these unwanted things of life.This very big holy pond its build by Baba Ramdev in that for arrange drinking water for people.This is a about 50 feet deep pond.Its also famous for there high walls build around the Ramsarower Talab or Holy Ramsarower Pond.

Baba Ramdev Rajasthan Mandir

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev fair mela Picture Photo image

Ramdevra village founder was Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji and its village name took from Baba Ramdev Ji's name. He was born in 1405 in Barmer District Shive Tahashil.Muslim Devotees called him Ramapeer and Ramdevji also known part of God Krishna means Krishna Avatar.He was son of local king Maharaja Ajmal Ji.He was killed giant monster Beru..Monster Beru  is very power full giant he was eat live people. Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji was do many work for humanity.

Runicha Ramdevra Temple

In Ramdevra have a Ramdev temple.Its top in  high famous temple's of Rajasthan. Here came very high amount of devotees in many lakhs.Its very high. People came here journey by foot from thousand kilometer.Near above 200 km roads full due to by foot journey of Baba Ramdev Ji devotees. This is amazing. It happen in Bhadva Month about August month.

Ramdevra Mela Fair

This is a highly crowed fair in Rajasthan.Its came in bhadrapada month according to Hindu's calender and according to international calendar its came in August month.In this month here came Baba Ramdev Ji's devotees in large amount.All devotees came different state of India but manly came from local Rajasthan,Gujrat,Madhya Pradesh,Utter Pradesh using by train,bus,bicycle,and by foot.Mainly this is a 11 day's fair but it will continue 2 month.

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Runicha

When any tourist,visitor and devotees wanna journey to Ramdevra when Jodhpur came first big city on the way.Jodhpur is big city and also connect with all big Indian cities by Airway,Railway and roadways.Here you can select any of these way for Ramdevra.
Lok Devta Baba Ramdev train Picture Photo image

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Train

Distance is 189 km or  3 hour
Distance is 189 km or  3 hour In fair or Mala time Jodhpur Jone arranged many mela special trans for Ramdevra to Jodhpur..Here you will found every hour  at rain for this.Here you can choose also roadways and private bus service also.
For Delhi 659 km or 9 hour 45 minutes
Intercity express daily service.
For Bikaner

You can reach here from bikaner by train daily serves.
At last Ramsapeer Ki Jay
For Latest train Timing Send a sms.

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