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Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer Rajasthan India

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Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer 

In the Rajasthan state you will found many Hindu and Jain temples, Rajasthan is devotional state there are many famous and historical Jain and Hindu temples. It is most beautiful example of this. Its located in west side in Rajasthan state in Nakoda village of Barmer district.Its village name was different in past its changing with time but its some historical name are Maheva and Virumpura also. Its also a big focal point of Jain devotee.  Its also special for Rajasthan tourism. here;s architecture and art is very attractive.Here images are very famous. 

 Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

About Nakoda Jain Temple

If you visit here you will never forgot it. Its a pure white marble temple with nicely curve stone works are very attractive. In all Rajasthan  famous for there architecture all are different with beautiful stone work.This temple is rare example of sculptural elegance and Architectural.Its also famous in Hindu community. Every year many Hindu devotee are visit this holy place also.
Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

Nakoda Parsvanath Jain Temple History

Nokoda village is locates in bermer district Rajasthan. Its government or official village name is Mevanagar. Means Mevanagar name in government record of like now. If  you read this history there are many name which are the  Maheva Viramapura and Nagara. When here made a this due to its popularity name changed to in now name. Its very holy place of its related community.Here is a famous in the lotus position God Parshva. Here is a 58 cm miracle black idol of God Parshva.

Nakoda Jain Temple Architecture

Its architecture is Jain architecture . Its  a fabulous example of Jain architecture. It build by white marble stone with attractive curve work. Here's main temple Shree Parsvanath idol also gorgeous. Its a black 58 cm idol with full of attractive work. Its famous miracle place of Rajasthan. So its higher famous holy place.

How to Reach Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer

Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

If you wanna visit The this holy palace you can visit here easily. Its located in Barmer district's 13 km from Balotra town with hills and forest like area but here you will found many transportation from Balotra town.You can visit here any time. But summer is very hot. So August to March is very fair for visit here. You can choose you visiting time according here fair and festivals.
Nearest Airport is Jodhpur only 110 km 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Nearest railway is Balotra  only 13 Kms 15 Minutes

If you wanna by Road way than distance of big city from Nakoda

Udaipur 260 Km  4 Hour 40 Minutes     Balotra 13 Km 15 Minutes Barmer 110 Km   1 Hour 45 Minutes     Jodhpur 110 Km 1 Hour 45
Tirth Dham Shree Pavapuri 180 Km      Jaipur 

Nearest Famous temple from Nakoda

Its is located near by Balotara town,there are some famous tourism and Holy places also of Hinduism also. Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is located 180 km from here. Here also passing Looni river of Rajasthan. Here is also a holy temple of Jasol Mata Ji. Its located in in Jasol village in Pachpadra town district of Barmer. Jasol to Nakoda distance is only 4 km so you can also visit this holy and famous temple.
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