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Most Famous Temples in rajasthan India

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Rajasthan is state of famous temples,here are many famous temples which is Jain temples,Ramdev temples,Balaji temple,Salasae balaji, Here are many old and new goddess and cultural and many type traditional. All these had so attractive.Some are very old which is build in 4th to 6th century and also there architecture is gorgeous,some are are famous for there high devotees traffic and some are famous for there magic so all have different style and its also a tourism  focal point in  the Rajasthan.State There many holy places which had also so attractive with nice architecture

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Temples in Rajasthan

Mostly here's are divided in tow part which is First -Famous Hindu Temples of Rajasthan and second is Famous Jain temples. Both are have special palace in Rajasthan tourism.Jain's are famous for there attractive architecture and there social architecture and Hindu temples also famous for there awesome architecture and for there high devotees traffic so both are gorgeous for devotees and tourism.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Famous Jain temple in Rajasthan

In the Rajasthan here are high amount above thousand jain temple is found here.mortally its found in middle state and west- south side.Some beautifull are Ranakpur Pali,Dilwada  Mount Abu, Chomukha, Shre mahaverji,Osian(osiya) Jodhpur, Rishbhdev,Juna Shree Nakoda all are special for there marble stone special curve design.

Famous Jain temple list in Rajasthan

Bamotar Shantinath Pratapgarh,Tijara  Alwar, Rishabhdeo Jain,Shri Chintamani Jain  Bagol,Chand Khedi, Jhalawar, Rajasthan,Shri Chintamani Parswanath Barmer Dilwara , Soniji Ki Nasiyan Ajmer,Mount Abu, Distict sirohi,Ranakpur Pali,Shri Mahavirji located in district Sawai Madhopur, Sanganer (Sanghiji) Jaipur,Golden jain,Falna,Pali,Shri 1008 Munisubrat Nath Jain Jaipur.These are some spacial jain  of Rajasthan,here are many other jain's and they are also attractive.

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Famous Hindu temple in Rajasthan

Like as Jain temple in Rajasthan also have high amount of belief point of Hindu devotees.Here some are famous for there devotees crowd and some are famous for there magic,special architecture, for gorgeousness,height,so if you visit here than make sure you must visit here's temples also.

Famous Hindu temple list in Rajasthan

Osian scahiyay Mataji - This is also an oldest and famous in Hindu's and Jain both its located in osian village 60 km from Jodhpur district, Its sixth century.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd imageRamdevra Ramdevji - Its hugest famous temple of Lok devta Baba Ramdev Ji,Here all time devotees congestion occurs.Above many lake devotees came here in every fair.

Barhma Temple Puskar- There are many devotees point in Pusker but Barmha's mandir is most attractive in India also in world its also attractive for there natural beauty and for puskar holy lake. 

Charbhuja -It is a famous of  south east side rajasthan,Its located in Kumbhalgarh tehsil. Its build in 1444 AD.Its also belief point of hindu devotees and also in tourism.

Raghunath Ji- This is famous of north side of Rajasthan,Its located in Sikar district,Its build by Rao Raja Shiv Singh in (1721–1748).

Salasar BalaJi Dham- Its also devotess temple of Hindu. Here is famous Dham of Salasar balaji Hanuman Ji.Its located in salasar village in Sujangarh village Rajasthan.

GaltaJi Jaipur - Its very nice place for devotees, Its a gorgeous,Here you will find monkeys and here's natural beauty really so attractive many visitor came here every year. This state is full of many architecture all are different style so if you visit India make sure please must visit this state because this state have many attraction of tourism.
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  1. Very nice blog …. Rajasthan state is totally depends on tourism. Temples are very large attraction of Rajasthan. Brahma Temple is very famous in whole India. Ajmer is most Nearby place of Pushkar. Ajmer Tours will help you tom tour in Ajmer


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