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Friday, 7 March 2014

Kalbelia dance Gulabo famous Dancer

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Rajasthan is very famous for there awesome dances like as Kalbelia, Ghoomer, Chakkri,Gair,Sapera, Dol, chhang, Mayur Tera taali dance and many more but Kalbelia dance most famous for there speed,style,clothes,rhythm and regularity according to kalbelia music feel.very marvelous.Kalbelia dance is a famous dance style of Rajasthan.It is the dance of the snake charmer caste a cast of Hindus  this cast known in all Rajasthan with different name like  as  Jogira or Jogi Sapera,. but now everyone learn everywhere.

picture of kalbelia dance

This girl dancer has Amazing speed  and flexibility nothing  else which allows the audience amazed and hypnotized.This dance is mostly performed by two women but it can by many woman.Kalbelia dancer  wear crinoline black  petticoat with full work of beautiful and different style glass and they wear similar style Similarly Kancli - Kurti(top of girl) and muffle(odani) .They dance rhythm of music like as Teetotum(like as wheel's style fast round)folk artist sing a beautiful song with there .watching Kalbelia dancer live show every one feel that it is awesome how they do it..Kalbelia live many district of Rajasthan but largest  population of Kalbelias found in  The Pali district. and other are Chittodgad,Ajmer,Jodhpur,and Udaipur.Now they manly found at high tourism places like Jaipur .Jodhpur,Jaisalmer,udaipur. In past they are live a nomadic life.In past time Kalbelia man and womn going to villager's  door to door with a Indian Cobra and earn few food  with perform a drama with Cobra.Now they are earn more money by singing and dancing at government shows ,tourism,hotel at marriage,shows,parties and many sites.Many Kalbelia dancer perform in many countries.Kalbeliyas have traditionally lived in fringe group society at outside of the village where they reside in makeshift simple camps its called dears. For suggestion send us a MSG In Hindi and any language. We will reply and add you msg of suggestion in this post.

Famous Kalbelia Dancer Gulabo

photo of kalbelia dance

Now in Rajasthan has many famous Kalbelia dancers but Gulabo is the Highly famous dancer. She is famous in India and also famous in the international level.Gulabo is celebrity dancer, she was born in 1960 in kalbeliya community,Gulabo nick name given by her father.with the musical work of Titi Robin she is very 2011 Gulabo expose on television 2011 she was perform on famous Indian Television Show BIG BOSS season 5 than she is became famous. Many news paper writer and Book wright wrote on Gulabo. She is a Nice gift for Rajasthan's folk dance.

Musical Instruments in Kalbelia Dance

hd picture kalbelia danceKalbelia dance is pure folk dance of Rajasthan, so on this folk dance mainly used traditional musical instrument for play music Mainly used Poongi . this is a kind of woodwind like a pipe musical instrument used to by Kalbelia tribe during dancing ,catching and drama with snakes and other musical instrument dolak like as small drum,  Morchang, Dufli, Khanjari and Khuralio all are traditional music instrument  when all instrument play that music really so attractive its not soft music its a rocking music.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marwari Marwadi culture people language Rajasthan

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Marwari Marwadi culture people language Rajasthan

Rajasthan is divided in many part or region like as Marwad,Godwad,sekhawati,Mewad,Hadoti and its famous also here's local language Marwadi or Marwari Mewadi,Godwari and Sekhawati language, All had there different language,culture,region,dresses,tradition,geography,Rituals and regulation so its called Rangilo Rajasthan.(Colorful Rajathan)Rangilo Rajasthan's meaning is different in all area.
Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani culture photo

Rangilo Rajasthan Colorful Rajasthan

Rajasthan state had awesome geography which is Thar desert, Aravali hills its oldest hills in the wold,eaten big fields,forest or centenary. Here you will found many culture Marwadi culture Jodhpur, Barmer,Jaislmer,Godwadi culture in Pali,Sirohi,Jalore,sekhawati culture Jaipur,Dosha Mewar culture Udaipur, Chittorgarh,Bhilwada. All region people wear a different style dresses and there life style also is different Its all called Coulor full Rajasthan or Rangilo Rajasthan.

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthan India

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani man photo

Marwad is entrance gate of Thar desert of Rajasthan state India.Manily Jodhpur,Barmer and Jaisalmer district are in this region. Marwadi or Marwari people famous for there hospitality,folk songs,Kalbelia folk dance,Here's Mirchibada and namkeen. Its very famous for here people friendly attitude you never find any where like this.Here solders also famous for there bravery in Indian Army.Here are tow famous fort Mehrangarh fort Jodhpur and Sonar Fort Jaislamer.

Don't Miss Famous Karni Mata Temple

Marwadi or Marwari Culture Rajasthan

Here culture's maily related from desert culture, You know Jodhpur paint shirt is nation dress.In villagers area people wear terbon on head its protect from high hot sunlight of sun because here in summer temperature is going fifty degree its very hot. People wear simple dress Dhoty, Dhoty is Indian Shari like clothes with wight color its wear as paint.and ladies wear traditional Ghagra and choli and more jewellery of gold foot to head.Here's culture is surrounding with here folk songs.

Marwadi or Marwari language Rajasthan

All region have there special language, We can note people thourh there language here.s most speaking language is Marwadi or Marwari. Its very sweet language in the India. Here' people is so friendly and so here language also friendly. Here you will found that first word is Brother, Mr. and miss and here's language is also famous in Bollywood.

Marwadi or Marwari People Rajasthan

Marwadi or Marwari People famous for there bravery, In history of Indian military you will find many Marwadi's people name who die for Indian security.Here's people mainly very inspire to great rajaput King Maharan Prataap.Here peoples main business is farm here people work as farmer.They wear simple cotton dresses with Marwari Marwadi culture people language also called safa.Ladies wear Gaghra, Chooli with odani or Chunary. Here  ladies dress very famous in Indian marriage.

Marwadi or Marwari Folk Song and Dance

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani folk dance photo,image
Rajasthan is pure traditional state mostely its tradition look in Marwad or Marwar area. Here's folk song is very famous in India and Indian Bollywood. Here's Langa party's folk music and song is realy very sweet its also like Pop song. Here you will found famous Kalbelia dance.Here Famous Kalbelia dancer Gulabo is very famous in the world. She was perfomed in many countries like as England,America,Italy and many more.
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Famous Indian Mud Clay Pots Rajasthan

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Indian Mud Clay Pots Rajasthan

Water container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper

Hello fans we are sharing with you Mud  pots or Clay Pots of Rajasthan of India,In This article we share complete guide of How to create Indian Rajasthan Mud Clay Pots, how Mud Clay Pots water became so cool naturally. We share some unique and special article about Rajasthan state and all around The India so lets enjoy this article about Indian Mud or clay pots.Its used in all Rajasthan's houses,So its famous cooling things in Rajasthan and its water also so testy in test.

History of Indian Mud or clay pots

Karwa Mud clay pot image,piture,photo,wallpaper

Its history is very old its used in God Ram time or Ramayan time and Krishn time or on Mahabharat time. its also found in Indus Valley Civilization. In excavation Indus Valley Civilization there was found many pieces of this.All are some different style with there work, Its  best evidence that mud used from centuries. There also oldest wall paint of this.

Construction of Indian clay or mud pots

According to there name its build by mud and water, There are many type clays in India so its used different area in d different clays. Its build only two thing we wright upper but now many designer different it very different style with special paints but when more paints used on pots its refrigeration or water cooling capacity is going to decreased. So mostly people are not using paints on clay pots they using this simple style for better performance.

Rate of Indian Rajasthans Clay or Mud Pots

container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper

In  now days or winter days its rate or Rs. going to very high about 100 rupees but in summer its going to down. Its rate are going different with different style this. Special pots is high and simple is low.

How to made Indian Mud or Clay Pots

Its build by two thing water and clay,Making it very easy but build it wanna mastership for special curve work.Its manly made by Rajasthan Kumhar cast people. They build it easily and its there traditional work or business. Now some people are export this to many country because its going to famous in many western countries  also and Must are give us natural cool test of water.

Flowers clay or mud Pot

Flowers cay pot or mud pots is very useful for little garden. Its also used in home garden, There look also so attractive and and its give flowers natural touch for there growth.Its mostely used in big cities and hotels.Its found many style with special curve and design  with paintings

Flower Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,wallpaper,photo

Famous Mud Clay pots Of India

In all around the India Mud are used, But mostly its used in Rajasthan state because its have more hot climate also. So here first need of cool water so all Rajasthan's mud pot are very famous in India,But Mokalsar village's clay pots are very famous in Rajasthan and also in India. Its cooled water in few hours and its cooling capacity is better also.They are not easily breakable.

Shape of Clay or Mud Pots of India

Its made in Many shape and all are used in different place or work.
Deepak   - Its mostly used in Deepawali or Diwali festival  for lighting by oil with cotton.
Karva     - Its mostly used in Karva choth by Indian lady on Karva choth festival.
Mud Piggy Bank   - Its used for store money by day by day with small amount.
Simple Container   - Its used for contain simple thing og home.
Designing  Pots - Its a water container with special designing look.
Simple water container - Its mostly used in houses, Its a simple water container used for cooling water.
container Mud Clay Pots of Rajasthan Indian image,photo,wallpeper
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