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Monday, 29 April 2013

Rajasthan Tourism Guide

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Rajasthan Tourism Guide

best famous picture of rajasthan people he man mr rajasthan
Rajasthan is a big state of India locate beetwine  north - west  sie in India. Its famous for  Rajasthan's culture,  Rajasthan Dance,  Rajasthan's Desert,  Rajasthan's Tiger Rajasthan's hospitality,Rajasthan's dresses ,Rajasthan's awesome fastivals, Rajasthan's  fort, Rajasthan's  geography,Rajasthan's gorgeous palaces,Rajasthan's temple,camel safari,jeep safari, songe of Langa, Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan specality you can say it Incredible  place of wold like as Incredible Rajasthan. Its a first wold  wide visitor  choice . Its a famous holly  state in world .
In 5 years Rajsthan is Top in Tourism . In lats 5 year  all foreigners first choice is rajthan . Rajasthan Government also supporting  Rajasthan Truism and Rajasthan's people are  also so friendly. foreigners feel better here like as home contrary or home city.

Best Time for Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan have different climate period .
  •  January to March  its time for winter in January and half February High cold climate average 20 to 25 degree Celsius . Night's are much cold .
  • April to June its time for summer . in June its hot days but night's are cold
  • July to September its time for monsoon . Its time for rain .
  • October to December its time for post monsoon . At past mansoon rainy days going to past all Rajasthan  have fair climate  for visiting its best time to visit here.
  • Best time to Visit Rajasthan is October to February .

How to Reach In Rajasthan ?

Rajasthan is connected all services like as roadways , railways , Aeroplane . you can choose in your choice rajsthan have many airport which is Jaipur its capital of Rajasthan Jodhpur second big city of Rajsthan,Jaisalmer  the city of gold, Udaipur the city of lake.Kota and many little . Jaipur,Jodhpur,Jaisalmer and Udaipur is first choice of visitor so its have daily flight for big cities of India so you can choose yourself .

image Marwad festival of rajasthan picture

Rajasthan Famous Places

Rajsthan Have many beautifull and different holly and famous places its high forts are so famous in India and also in wold . Jailsalmer For look like a sheep of gold. its stone color is gold . Every place have a different specialty i share with you some  famous places of Rajasthan  Chottod gard Fort , Kubhalagard Fort, Amer fort , Amer Fort, Jodhpur Fort,Udaipur Fort, Patava Haveli in Jaisalmer ,Chitra palace in Jodhpur, Pichhola Lake in Udaipur  and more.

picture of Rajasthan desrt jaisalmer with camel

About Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan have different culture . People speak many languages like as  Marwadi, Hindi ,Godwadi, and many languages . Marwadi is first language of Rajsthan its  above 60 % people speak Marwadi . Marwadi Language is similer language of Hindi language.Rajsthan's People wear simple dresses but some Rajsthan's dresses is High Famous in wold Like  Kalbelia dance Dress . Rajsthani Ghoomer Dance dress .Rajspooti Posak .Turban .

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