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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan

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Hotels in Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture photo wallpaper

Osian is small village but here is many types Hotels,motels and restaurants like as Hotels in desert area,camel and jeep safari hotels and near by Sachiyay Mataji Temple,Hotels near by 5 km to osian or osiaya,Heritage hotels,royal hotel,low budget hotels and restaurants and many more where you will stay here.

Osiya (osain) type of Hotels

According to there location and facility we will divide here hotels,motels and restaurants  in many type.Some are high rate but there faculty and hospitality is really unforgettable  and some give low facility but its suitable with your budget because its low rates hotels. 

You can check review on for better. Some are located at Sand dunes and some are located at other location so there location are also most attraction here.some are provide real touch of Rajasthan which is Rajasthan folk dance,music camel safari,jeep safari and many more.

Hotels in dunes of desert Osian Jodhpur

Hotels in osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture photo wallpaperSand dunes of desert Osian Jodhpur is most attractive attraction of this area and also its tourism focal point.Per months many thousand visitor enjoy this Sand dunes of osian. Its located also in  south edge of osian (osiaya) village and its fully apears from Osian sachiyaya MataJi temple.There are many Sand dunes which is different height and there are many famous hotels.All the hotels give you variation of Rajasthan Tourism. Here you can feel the culture of Rajasthan and real touch of rajasthan folk culture. They will provide you  Jeep Safari, camel safari,camps and huts,Rajasthan folk music which is arranged by Langa Party and Kalbelia Dance whic you never forgot.

Camel and Jeep safari in Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Camel and Heep safari is also main attraction for adventure of real desert.Here are many high
Sand dunes when you will enjoy here open jeep safari really you will feel high level of adventure.You enjoy here Camel safari with
Jeep  and camel safari osian jodhpur Rajasthan image,picture,wallpeper,photobeautiful camels.Its all will providing you related hotels owner.There attraction are selective so you can select with yourself.
Camps and Huts in Desert of osian Rajasthan
Camps and huts on sand dunes are most attraction for foreigners and visitor.Its providing by hotel owner.Its a small   size taints or hut with full facilities.They will provide you one bed,toilet,fans or cooler and you can choose air conditioner also.In camps and huts you can feel and enjoy awesome feeling of sunset point,desert cool night and fresh morning with golden sunlight its really unforgettable.

Shree Sachiyay international  guest House

Its also a big guest house build for devotees who came in Sachiyay Mataji temple and Jain temple,These temples are world famous here you can also stay, but they don;t give any facility accept its only for stay and its not for any extra specialty for tourism but its low rate guest house.

Restaurants in Osian,Jodhpur Rajasthan

Here you can also choose restaurants for stay.There are many restaurants Osian,its also suitable and feet with your budget if you wanna not spent more money for stay you can select any these option in yourself.
For more information about osian Sachiyay temple and Jain temple and all about of Osian please click HERE.

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Jodhpur Tourism Rajasthan India Places


Jodhpur Rajasthan India Tourism Places

Jodhpur is so famous city of Rajasthan its entering doer of desert  .Here is many Famous places like as historical geographical,religious and in jodhpur arranged many fair traditional and for increasing tourism .Its founder was Maharaja Rao Jodha in 1459.                                            

Famous  Places of Jodhpur

jodhpur-rajasthan picture photo
In Jodhpur have many famous tourism places and famous heritages and Mehrangarh Fort .All known as there specialty.some famous tourism places are Mehrangarh Fort,Chttra palace,Mandore Garden,Jaswant Thada Balsamnd Lake,Kayalana Lake,Fatehsagar lake,Clock Tower,highly crowd market

Mehrangarh Fort jodhpur

Maharangad Fort is so famous and quality fort of India . Its build by Rao Jodha in 1459 Build on Chidiya took rock .Mehrangarh Fort is , This is located in meddle of Jodhpur, Rajasthan . Mehrangarh Fort is the most largest and best fort of India. This fort situated 122 mitter above the The Jodhpur city and it is enclosed with imposing thick and also strong walls. They are known his intricate beautiful carvings with expansive courtyards. There are a winding road its connected from the city below. 
Its have many gates called '' Pol '. In left side of fort locate chhatri of Kirat Singh Soda.he is great soldier fell on defending the fort. Fort have many gates, name is Jayapol its symbol of 'victory its founder was Maharaja Man Singh for there many victories on Bikaner and Jaipur. Second is Fattehpol its name Symbol of victory its gate founder was Maharaja Ajit Singh for in the memory of victory on Mughals.

in the Mehrangarh fort have a best museum also best stocking museums in The Rajsthan India.In the fort museum there is many collection of old and great royal things,Dresses of Maharaja's,Toff,old Talwar(sword) many designs nothing else.
mehrangarh fort jodhpur image

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur Architecture

Moti Mahal - Its also known as The Pearl Palace
Built by Great King Sur Singh in 1595 to 1619, Moti Mahal is the best and largest room of the Mehrangarh
Sheesha Mahal - The Mirrors Hall
It is a best example of typical architecture of Rajput which is Sheesh Mahal
The mirror-work includes real  large and regular pieces, rather than  best
an intricate many mosaic of tiny fragments, There many attractive plaster painted beautiful religious figures.

Phool Mahal

This known as The Flowers Palace
The Phool Mahal founder was Maharaja Abhaya Singh in 1724 to 1749. Its private beautiful rooms of Maharaja.
Takhat Vilas Takhat Vilas was private Chamber of Maharaja Takhat Singh.In 1843 to 1873 its founder was  Maharaja Takhat Singh.Its modern and British style palace its build in old time but its looking like modern type. For More travel place Give us a SMS ion Hindi,

Tourism places of Jodhpur  Rajasthan

Jodhpur is famous for there Namkin and Mirchi Bada but its also famous for his history and many kind famous tourist places.
Ummed Bhawan Palace

Ummed Bhawan Palace Jodhpur image chitra palace picture
It is looking like Brown Taj Mahal its also known Chitra Palace because its build by a Stone name is Chittra stone and its located on a chittra stone hill.It world largest past kings private residence.Its founder was Maharaja Ummed Singh so its known as Ummed palace The Royal residence. Its construction start at 180November  1929 and its completed on 1943. Its build for provide employment to  people of Jodhpur during bad time of famine.

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is located near by Mehrangarh Fort,Its a beautiful  architectural landmark of Jodhpur Rajasthan.Its build by Sardar Singh 1899 in memory of great Maharaja Jaswant Singh second.

Mandore Garden

Its located 10 km from center of Jodhpur city,its beautiful garden with full of Black mouth monkeys and many type plants and trees.

How to Reach Jodhpur Rajathan

Jodhpur is connected with all Indian big cities with Airway,Railway and Roadway.
Nearest air port is Jodhpur Airport
Nearest big Railway station is Main Railway station Raika Bag,
Nearest roadways station is Raika bag Roadways station

Distance from Jodhpur

Distance from Delhi      589 km
Distance from Jaipur     331 km
Distance from Mumbai  984 km
Distance from Agra        553 km
Distance from from Bangalore 1934 km

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