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Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala Osian Jodhpur

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Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Jodhpur

Gala Bhomiya is traditional or lok devta of Rajasthan. Gala Bhomiya's Than or temple is located in Padasala village,near osian village district of Jodhpur. Gala Bhomiya ji Padasala is famous in among all west Rajasthan area mostly in Jodhpur district state of Rajasthan.Here all time looking like a fair.his real name was Ragudas Ji.
gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Rajasthan

Than means a temple without roof. Its a traditional name and its related to Rajasthan's culture.Than is regional name of here's culture.Its not fully decorated. Its had little hight more than 5 feet or 10 feets . Padasala than's height is about 8 feet. It full of wight flags of  Bomia Ji with a symbol of Foot prints.
On The bomiya Ji Maharaj's Than you will find constantly holy burning flame. Here people offered Coconuts,pure ghee,Wine and goat, oblation and many more.They will requested there problem and issue here and by magic of Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala it will solve sure.

Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala Osian History

gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

We have not correct information date of birth We were get all information from Rajasthan folk songs according to folk songs he was birth 100 year after of Baba Ramdev birth so he was birth about 400 year ago in village of Rungarh  district of Jodhpur on chandali 14 according to Hindu calendar.His father name is Beenjraj Chohan.He was son of Mohal chohans.He was protector, defender, keeper, savior, life saver, intercessor of cows.

Why give Gala Bhomiya JI or Bhomia name ?

Bhomiya means great fighter who die in battle for as defender intercessor,protector, life saver,  keeper, savior for humanity or cows or any for save humans. After die inspiration of there bravery and symbol of great bravery people call him Bomiya or Bhomia. Before die Gala Bhomiya JI's real name was Ragudas but they will fight to Mena cast people constantly 14 days without Head,During battle there head was fall down at another village and there body was constantly fighting to Mena at last Mena accept there lose and run away and Gala Bhomiya JI's body fall in Padasala village, After death inspiration of there special magic they was begging very famous among peopleand now people worship him.People offered coconut,agarbati,pure ghee many sweets

Bhopa of Gala Bhomiya Ji Padasala

gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

Bhopa is a real sadhu's of Gala Bhomia JI.Bhomia Ji give him special magic and they have special power on environment they solve peoples problem. They are give connection between Bomiya Ji and comment peoples.Bhopa hits each other by chains but they feel not pain because its magic of God Gala Bhomiya JI.

How to reach Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Jodhpur

Gala Bhomiya JI Than or Temple located at Padasala village.Padasala is a small village nearest big town is Osian. From osian to distance of Gala bhomia Ji Than distance is about 16 km. Here you can choose private taxi its better.beacouse there no daily bus or roadways service for visit here.

How to reach Gala Bhomiya Ji from Jodhpur

If you wanna visit here first you reach in Jodhpur district than go Osian village here you can choose train and bus service both here,after osian to Padalsala you must choose private taxi its better.
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  1. It's a totally incorrect information.
    Rungarh bhomiya ji was different person.
    There is no connection between gala bhomiya ji and rungarh bhomiya ji.
    They are separate powers.पूरी तरह गलत सूचना दी आपने and his name was not raghudas, it was sometHing else


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