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Rajasthan Tourism Guide

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Rajasthan Tourism Guide

best famous picture of rajasthan people he man mr rajasthan
Rajasthan is a big state of India locate beetwine  north - west  sie in India. Its famous for  Rajasthan's culture,  Rajasthan Dance,  Rajasthan's Desert,  Rajasthan's Tiger Rajasthan's hospitality,Rajasthan's dresses ,Rajasthan's awesome fastivals, Rajasthan's  fort, Rajasthan's  geography,Rajasthan's gorgeous palaces,Rajasthan's temple,camel safari,jeep safari, songe of Langa, Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan specality you can say it Incredible  place of wold like as Incredible Rajasthan. Its a first wold  wide visitor  choice . Its a famous holly  state in world .
In 5 years Rajsthan is Top in Tourism . In lats 5 year  all foreigners first choice is rajthan . Rajasthan Government also supporting  Rajasthan Truism and Rajasthan's people are  also so friendly. foreigners feel better here like as home contrary or home city.

Best Time for Visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan have different climate period .
  •  January to March  its time for winter in January and half February High cold climate average 20 to 25 degree Celsius . Night's are much cold .
  • April to June its time for summer . in June its hot days but night's are cold
  • July to September its time for monsoon . Its time for rain .
  • October to December its time for post monsoon . At past mansoon rainy days going to past all Rajasthan  have fair climate  for visiting its best time to visit here.
  • Best time to Visit Rajasthan is October to February .

How to Reach In Rajasthan ?

Rajasthan is connected all services like as roadways , railways , Aeroplane . you can choose in your choice rajsthan have many airport which is Jaipur its capital of Rajasthan Jodhpur second big city of Rajsthan,Jaisalmer  the city of gold, Udaipur the city of lake.Kota and many little . Jaipur,Jodhpur,Jaisalmer and Udaipur is first choice of visitor so its have daily flight for big cities of India so you can choose yourself .

image Marwad festival of rajasthan picture

Rajasthan Famous Places

Rajsthan Have many beautifull and different holly and famous places its high forts are so famous in India and also in wold . Jailsalmer For look like a sheep of gold. its stone color is gold . Every place have a different specialty i share with you some  famous places of Rajasthan  Chottod gard Fort , Kubhalagard Fort, Amer fort , Amer Fort, Jodhpur Fort,Udaipur Fort, Patava Haveli in Jaisalmer ,Chitra palace in Jodhpur, Pichhola Lake in Udaipur  and more.

picture of Rajasthan desrt jaisalmer with camel

About Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan have different culture . People speak many languages like as  Marwadi, Hindi ,Godwadi, and many languages . Marwadi is first language of Rajsthan its  above 60 % people speak Marwadi . Marwadi Language is similer language of Hindi language.Rajsthan's People wear simple dresses but some Rajsthan's dresses is High Famous in wold Like  Kalbelia dance Dress . Rajsthani Ghoomer Dance dress .Rajspooti Posak .Turban .

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Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death

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Prithviraj Chauhan History

Prithviraj Chauhan was king of the Hindu Kshatriya Chauhan dynasty in north India Ajmer and delhi1 2th century.Prithviraj Chauhan is famous Rajpoot Hercules He is also known as 'Rai Pithora' for his bravery. he is very famous in Indian history. There many reason for there famous among Indian people like as his love story with Gori betel with Mohhamad Gori called Tariyan war or battle.

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Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

Prithviraj Chauhan Birth and Biography

He was born in 1149  History which later became known as the great Hindu Cohan king Prithviraj Chauhan. His mother name was Kapoori devi she get after 12 this son and his father name is Someswar, He was also a great man.

Prithviraj Chauhan
Known Rai Pithora
Mother name
Kapoori Devi
Father name
Wife name

Love story of Prithviraj With Sanyogita

Sanyogita and Pritviraj Chauhan's love story  imprinted in golden words in the history of Rajasthan.Pritviraj Chohan was loved to Kannauj king Jaychand's .doughtier Sanyogita she so beautiful princess that time.Sanyogitya at first sight she gave there heart to Prithviraj because he is also so beautiful ,But love of Sanyogita and Pritviraj Chauhan's not comfortable for Kannauj king Jaychand,because he was don't like Prithviraj Chohan they was  sworn enemy.King Jaychand organized swaymver ( a organization where princess select any kind prince of there choice) for Sanyogita but not invite love of Sanyogita Pritviraj Chauhan. for insult Pritviraj Chauhan's their statue are imposed on the sit of the concierge but on that time Pritviraj chohan came there and kidnapped sayogita and run away on home fort. There they was marry to sayogita .Kannauj king Jaychand's can't tuch when he was run.Kannauj king Jaychand was going very angry to this.

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Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

Prithviraj and Chnadra Bardai killed Gori

Jaychand to revenge the insult Muhammad Ghori attack on  Prithviraj Chauhan' shook friendship hands and invited him.Pritviraj Chauhan many time  defeated Muhammad Ghori,He was defeated 17 times but he leave him own free handed and Generous. After many bettele Mohhamad Gori don't find any he choose some other way for capture 18th last  fraudulently Muhammad Ghori captured Prithviraj Chohan,He don't understand his deception.And he was took him in own country.He was very  badly behaved  with Prthviraj Chohan .He gave him many dangerous Pang.

Muhammad Ghori Killed  By Chohan

Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

At last Muhammad Ghori burnt his eyes with hot poker . Finally blind Prithviraj chohan and his very close friend Chandra bardai planned to killed Mohhamd Gori.Chandra Bardai know that Pritviraj Chauhan is high specialized in piercing arrow on dropping the word .Chandra Bardai tell this specialization of Prithviraj chohan to Mohammad Gori for watch demo.So  Mohammad Gori very attract to this specialization.

Chohan Know about Awesome piercing arrow on dropping  

He order to Chandra bardai for create a demo of  awesome style of piercing arrow on dropping the word.At last for target to Mohhamd Gori Chandra bardai sing a special Hindi quote Mohhamd Gori cant understand  using quote of Chandra Bardai Prithvi raj Choahan shoot the Mohhammd  Gori and he was killed.

Final Words

This true and right storoy of this greate king, If you have any new also unique line on this article you can suggest us, May be your suggestion also useful for us, If you wanna more aticle on Rajsthan History, Please keep visit our blog, Thank you

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj History

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Every Indian know about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who is great man.He is most famous in Maharasra known as Shivaji Raje Bhosle.He was the founder of the Great Maratha .In Maharasta Famous quote is Jai Maharastra Jai Shivaji. He was born February 19, 1630  in Shivneri fort in Maharastra.Shivaji is a disciplined army and well structured proprietorial organizations established with a progressive and competent civil rule.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj History image photo

About Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Known As
Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle
February 19, 1627, Shivneri Fort
April 3, 1680  RaiGadh
Maratha Empire1674

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj born in Febuary 19,1627 in in shivneri fort Pune (Poona),Shivneri fort located at near by the city of north Junnar , his mother name is Jijabai and his father name is Shahaji,His  saints and the Ramayana,He was married with  Nimbalkar May 14,1640in Lal Mahal Poone Bhosle's  big son name was Shambha Ji. There childhood was suffered with Raja Ram Gopal,the Mahabharata, discourses and stories in the past.

Shivaji Maharaj History

He is very inspire from this. He specializes in all special arts and styles like politics and war and he was fully know about special technique of politics and also very famous on in these fields. His father also a powerful lord.on character of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj there percents are very affected. For better security and power he was constructed and repaired many forts on that time.He used special warfare technique called guerrilla warfare tactics for better success with small power and solders. He was developed best and strong many intelligence network with all religions and he was famous among in all religions and castes. You can send us a MSG in Hindi, English and Marathi for more Information.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Battle Conflict

Start of military domination
Shivaji was true  warrior they are known to be tough to live the skilled warrior.Helping Maratha people he was build a fort as a commanding station.On the that  time of the Mughal emperor invasion of Bijapur it was troubled by internecine strife.on early time Bhosle maharaj decided to take advantage of. Bijapur then adopted .First Fort was Toran Fort adopted by Bhosle Maharaj.

Invitation to Agra and escape

Mughal emperor Auranzeb invited to The Bhosle at Agra fort.He was goes there,After going he was felt that Auranzed ignore him and also felt that are not getting to me proper respect.So Bhosle was going to very angry against Aurangzeb in levee (darabar).

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Pushkar Ajmer Moinuddin Chishti Dargah

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Ajmer Pushkar Garib Nawaj Daraga

all pushkar image with lake
Pushkar lake and hill
Ajmer is very oldest city of  Rajasthan about 7th Century A.D.its founder was Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan . It is fully oasis wrapped with the green hills.major it is the center emperor of the  Chauhan   power till 1193 A.D.After lost Ajmer from Mohammed Ghauri it is  became capital to many dynasties.Ajmer is has many tourism and religious places  both for Hindus and Muslim.Which Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah is famous in both hindu and Muslim religious also.and Pushkar  is very holy and religious point of Hindus .Here is many temples but there is a unique Bhramha Temple,its unique temple in all around the wold.You will never find anywhere like as pushkar. natural beauty. For Full Information about this place Send Msg in Hindi ya any language.

 Pushkar Ajmer Rajasthan

Pushkar is small town of Ajmer city but its natural beauty nothing else.Pushkar is a so much loved famous tourist destination, all visitor  who visit here just fall in natural beauty of Pushkar.It is situated on the edge on the Rajasthan Thar desert. The this town has very distinct tourism excitement with  shops selling various local and imported  accessories and many rooftop restaurants.Here in the famous holy Pushkar Lake and the nearby very famous and unique holy temple of God Brahma, here are visited by many Indian and other pilgrims every year. In October to  November months here is held a special Hindus religious and also commercial importance fair  . It has really religious significance.  Here are several famous temples destroyed by Aurangzeb after which again are manufactured.Its located at 11 kilometer from Ajmer.It is first choice of Foreigners and Indian.Here is three site is green hils and other side is many gorgeous temples.and at middle of this site there is a holy water lake.
image of pushkar ajmer
Pushkar festival dance kalbelia

Miracles of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah

image of garib nawaj kwaja sahab Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti born was born in 1141 and died in 1230 CE.He was also known Garib Nawaz. he is the most famous Sufi saint of the india Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's Dargah is very famous Dargah(mosque) in both community Hindus and Muslims.Its located in middle in Ajmer city.Anybody who goes here he feel a awesome peace in there heart.If you watch Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah visitor history you will find man high profile,famous actors,international political members,famous plays,and many VIP people visited here.When Mughal emperor Akbar have no child he came here by foot from Delhi
for Votive a child and there Votive was accepted after 9 moth there wife birth a child.There is always a crowd of people coming.Near by Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah has Dhai din ka Jhopada its build by Mughal emperor Akbar in only four days.Here big gates architecture really awesome.

How To Visit Pushkar Ajmer Khwaja Gharib Nawaj

How reach here from Taxi and Bus service .
Delhi to Ajmer Distance 77 miles / 443 km about 5 hour 30 minutes
Nearest Big city  Jaipur   131 km/81 miles 1 hour 51 minutes also have Airport Jodhpur  202 km/125 miles
also have Airport 
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Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur

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Sachiya Mata Osian and Jain Temple

All Rajsthan have many tourism places i am share with you best Templae of rajasthan which is Jain and sachiyay may temples of osian jodhpur, It is Famous and small village of Rajasthan.Its also called Bhuvneswar of Rajasthan. In last few years it first choice of tourist Here is  starting desert and its also called Home of Marwad.This is located 62 kilometer from Jodhpur and Jodhpur is famous district and city of Rajasthan. Osian Is famous for many things likeSurya,Mahavir temple, many oldest Step-wells,big desert,and for many style architecture and dry food all dry food related to from Rajasthan.

Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur image picture

Lord Mahaveer Jain Temple of osian

Its also famous temple of Rajasthan and point of Jain's community which is Oswal. This is have very beautiful architecture with Jain's style architecture . There are many Jain's god statue all are so attractive its second choice of tourist in Osian. God Mahaveer statue have like is golden style cover with diamond in eye too good. Jainism here Held many function here year by year. All function also very attractive .

Other Famous Places of Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Sachiyay MataJi

Its oldest temple of India . Its build by Paramar king of Gujrat.Its build in Century .This is one of the world some beautiful temples Mess. After seeing this stone architecture of statue any buddy will amazed. there are many style stone  statue all are different styles.This is located at a small hill. There is many stairs for climb main temple. here's main is Sachiyay temple who is Goddess of Hindus and  Jain's community.there are 3 big gate called Pol,and other is some small and sub gates, There are above 20 which is different goddess and god with different architecture.Its build using many type of stones main temple build using white stone and others build by red stones. both are so beautiful. It takes two job fairs in one year First fair is big fair its come in defend on  according to Hindu calendar about October  and second comes in March or April.

Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur image picture

Oldest and Biggest Step wells of Osian

Step wells of osian is very famous in India.There are many about 9 step well have in osian . But some of famous step well is Katal Bawadi .This is very big step well in past here ladies came here for took water source of water under earth water. It a very big and unique step well where about 1000 girls together took water from here without cross any. there many thousands stairs.This step well is so near by sachiyay Mata temple

Oldest Surya Mandir

This is high famous temple of Rajasthan and India because it very old .and is architecture is mind blowing. There many type temples like is Surya Mandir.

Enjoy Osian Desert Jodhpur

I you wanna enjoy the desert of India or desert of Rajasthan you can start from here. Here is many desert aria in 2 kilometer distance from the temple .where you can enjoy camping,all kind desert safari,camel safari, horse riding,jeep safari, and many more.

Special Fair Marwad Festival

Marwad festival held by Rajasthan government,Its Held in Sarad Poornima Means Full Moon Night in about October or November month. In this festival all famous Rajasthan's folk dancer and singer and musician come to here and perform here. on this opportunities  many foreigner and Indian are came here and enjoy this great festival . Finally i wanna say you that this place known by great Maharana Ptratap  and also known there Great History, But its also known for many attraction.

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Ganga River India Map and History

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Ganga River India Map and History

Ganga is the most holy river in India and also in the world, Today we are talking about Ganga river's History, Geography, location Haridvar, Aarti length al about this, If you come to India and you have not seen The Great River of India which is Ganga.Every Indian Know about this. This is Salvation and life giving.This is the one of most famous of India and also in the wold. Wandie praise and sentimental many foreigners literature are respect and described for importance of this water of this. It is second biggest river of India.Its water is very special for every Hindu. about 90 % Hindus have ganga's water on there home.Many different style sadhu"s live around the ganga's they only drink only this water of this. Because there philosophy is there is no water like this.

Ganga River India Map and History image picture

About Ganga River Map

India Nepal and Bangladesh
Famous Place
Gangotri glacier
2,510 km
Salvation and life giving

This great River origin from Gangotri glacier .Its passing from three country India,Bangladesh and Nepal.But its very long in India .Its possessing may state of India .On Elhabad Ganga meet to yamuna  its called Kumbh.The has many guises.Which is different at different places This is called a lifeline Said this is the thirst of the thirsty,These sins is said to alleviate and Hindu community and the sins of the people and alleviate a Moksh the Divine Gangotri is the source of this. The entire 2,510 km length May it its full length and around a very temple. Around the place is great mats(Sadhhu;s home) of Hindu Shadhuo. 

Biggest Holy Edge City Of  Ganga River

It is on the edge city which name is Haridwar.Here is the full year peoples fair .The Hindu people  die, after their relative flowing into their bones in The river. Here is the mind Moks (means people get direct paradise after die) putting them on people's bones to get here.The time is coming when people die they die here in the last days of life here This is great river give to the India high amount of nutrition. India's above half  population lives along the river. Big amount of farmer's using its water  irrigation there farms.Many people fishing here .famous among India Hardinge Bridge is build on this river.

Best Famous Places Of  Ganga River 


Haridwar is famous edge of this river there always at evening people worship This river called Ganga Maha Arati and people bath here for remove there sin guilt and misdeed.You know Haridwar is first holy place of Hindu every Hindu wanna going there one time in there life.

-Gangotri a place of big glacier  and it is source of this river its located at Uttarakhand. Year year a thousand visitor are going to here and it also have real natural touch of Himalaya .

Kumbh Festival

If any people have great luck who is going to Kumbh .if you are thinking of India is a unique country you can feel here about this . Kumbh festival is most important festival in Hindu community In this  festival above millions of peoples and pilgrims came here and bath in early morning .Its arranged in 12 year .and in 6 year its called half Kumbh .its also point of Salvation . There are many places for enjoy your travel keep visit our site and search more label for real information from my site thanks.
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Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata

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Howrah Bridge Kolkata India

All Indian know about this great Construction of India. It is 70 year old Bridge.The Howrah  is famous tourist palace of India.Its located in west Bangal and Its build between Hawada City and Kolkata city.This is build on Hooghly River. After rename its also called Ravinder sethu.After few year it was renamed Rabindra Setu, on name of great Indian Benga poet Mr.Rabindra Nath Tagore.  Mr.Rabindra Nath was the first Indian and Asian Nobel laureate but its very famous on there old name Hawara Bridge.Its build on 1936 to 1942.After build it very changed time to time for better technology, But its useful now and that time.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata image picture

About Howrah Bridge of Kolkota or Rabindra Setu

Howrah bridge have  two another setu also on Hoobley river which name are  the Vivekananda Setu and  Vidyasagar Setu Both situated in different points on the hoogly river.Many writer also called it London Bridge Because at night with beautiful lighting  it showing like as London's. This so beautiful also very useful bhilding made when India don't have high technology, But do it.

Kolkata, India
Real Name
Rabindra Setu
Build On
Hooghly River
Rendel, Palmer & Tritton
Total length   
705 Meter  (2,313.0 feet)
82 meter (269.0 feet)
21.6 Meter or 71 feet
Build In
1936 to 1942

Famous Places with Howrah Bridge

If you wanna visit here there many places with Howdah pul. You can visit also  famous west bangal garden name is  Victoria Memorial Gardens, Famous Holy temple Birla Temple and  St. Paul's Cathedral, The great Indian Lady home who know every one in the wold Mother Teresa's Home, Famous Indian Museum and Birla Museum . There is biggest famous Hindi temple all Indian know about this name Goddess Kali which is also here Kali temple.

Construction of Kolkata Bridge

Construction start on 1936 and construction end on 1942. Its Designer   are Rendel, Palmer and Triton and its build by totally steel.This construction company was Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company.This is fully Maintained by a famous trust name is Kolkata Port Trust.Total cost of construction that 22 million dolor on that time.It is very famous because its sixth largest bridge of this know in 1943 it was the third cantilever longest  bridge in the world .This is landmark also symbol of Kolkata.In many writer and Film producer mentioned this great bridge on there films comics and story.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata image picture

How to Reach Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Kolkota is biggest city of India so you can travel here using anyway .it is connect to international and national flights,you can travel here using train and by bus from all biggest city of India, If you wanna visit this great man made building than you can visit here any time in year, But for better weather you can avoid August to September month, Because now time here rain so fall.

Any Question on Article

Guys if you have any quetion related to this article's topic you can ask us by comment below, We will trying to answer your question as well as soon, If you need more information which you don't get from others source you can ask,  Thanks for visit our tourism blog and keep it for more article of Rajasthan tourism and also of India, keep visit our blog.

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