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Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata

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Howrah Bridge Kolkata India

All Indian know about this great Construction of India. It is 70 year old Bridge.The Howrah  is famous tourist palace of India.Its located in west Bangal and Its build between Hawada City and Kolkata city.This is build on Hooghly River. After rename its also called Ravinder sethu.After few year it was renamed Rabindra Setu, on name of great Indian Benga poet Mr.Rabindra Nath Tagore.  Mr.Rabindra Nath was the first Indian and Asian Nobel laureate but its very famous on there old name Hawara Bridge.Its build on 1936 to 1942.After build it very changed time to time for better technology, But its useful now and that time.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata image picture

About Howrah Bridge of Kolkota or Rabindra Setu

Howrah bridge have  two another setu also on Hoobley river which name are  the Vivekananda Setu and  Vidyasagar Setu Both situated in different points on the hoogly river.Many writer also called it London Bridge Because at night with beautiful lighting  it showing like as London's. This so beautiful also very useful bhilding made when India don't have high technology, But do it.

Kolkata, India
Real Name
Rabindra Setu
Build On
Hooghly River
Rendel, Palmer & Tritton
Total length   
705 Meter  (2,313.0 feet)
82 meter (269.0 feet)
21.6 Meter or 71 feet
Build In
1936 to 1942

Famous Places with Howrah Bridge

If you wanna visit here there many places with Howdah pul. You can visit also  famous west bangal garden name is  Victoria Memorial Gardens, Famous Holy temple Birla Temple and  St. Paul's Cathedral, The great Indian Lady home who know every one in the wold Mother Teresa's Home, Famous Indian Museum and Birla Museum . There is biggest famous Hindi temple all Indian know about this name Goddess Kali which is also here Kali temple.

Construction of Kolkata Bridge

Construction start on 1936 and construction end on 1942. Its Designer   are Rendel, Palmer and Triton and its build by totally steel.This construction company was Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company.This is fully Maintained by a famous trust name is Kolkata Port Trust.Total cost of construction that 22 million dolor on that time.It is very famous because its sixth largest bridge of this know in 1943 it was the third cantilever longest  bridge in the world .This is landmark also symbol of Kolkata.In many writer and Film producer mentioned this great bridge on there films comics and story.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata Rabindra Setu Kolkata image picture

How to Reach Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Kolkota is biggest city of India so you can travel here using anyway .it is connect to international and national flights,you can travel here using train and by bus from all biggest city of India, If you wanna visit this great man made building than you can visit here any time in year, But for better weather you can avoid August to September month, Because now time here rain so fall.

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