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Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur

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Sachiya Mata Osian and Jain Temple

All Rajsthan have many tourism places i am share with you best Templae of rajasthan which is Jain and sachiyay may temples of osian jodhpur, It is Famous and small village of Rajasthan.Its also called Bhuvneswar of Rajasthan. In last few years it first choice of tourist Here is  starting desert and its also called Home of Marwad.This is located 62 kilometer from Jodhpur and Jodhpur is famous district and city of Rajasthan. Osian Is famous for many things likeSurya,Mahavir temple, many oldest Step-wells,big desert,and for many style architecture and dry food all dry food related to from Rajasthan.

Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur image picture

Lord Mahaveer Jain Temple of osian

Its also famous temple of Rajasthan and point of Jain's community which is Oswal. This is have very beautiful architecture with Jain's style architecture . There are many Jain's god statue all are so attractive its second choice of tourist in Osian. God Mahaveer statue have like is golden style cover with diamond in eye too good. Jainism here Held many function here year by year. All function also very attractive .

Other Famous Places of Osian Jodhpur Rajasthan

Sachiyay MataJi

Its oldest temple of India . Its build by Paramar king of Gujrat.Its build in Century .This is one of the world some beautiful temples Mess. After seeing this stone architecture of statue any buddy will amazed. there are many style stone  statue all are different styles.This is located at a small hill. There is many stairs for climb main temple. here's main is Sachiyay temple who is Goddess of Hindus and  Jain's community.there are 3 big gate called Pol,and other is some small and sub gates, There are above 20 which is different goddess and god with different architecture.Its build using many type of stones main temple build using white stone and others build by red stones. both are so beautiful. It takes two job fairs in one year First fair is big fair its come in defend on  according to Hindu calendar about October  and second comes in March or April.

Sachiya mata osian and Jain Temple Jodhpur image picture

Oldest and Biggest Step wells of Osian

Step wells of osian is very famous in India.There are many about 9 step well have in osian . But some of famous step well is Katal Bawadi .This is very big step well in past here ladies came here for took water source of water under earth water. It a very big and unique step well where about 1000 girls together took water from here without cross any. there many thousands stairs.This step well is so near by sachiyay Mata temple

Oldest Surya Mandir

This is high famous temple of Rajasthan and India because it very old .and is architecture is mind blowing. There many type temples like is Surya Mandir.

Enjoy Osian Desert Jodhpur

I you wanna enjoy the desert of India or desert of Rajasthan you can start from here. Here is many desert aria in 2 kilometer distance from the temple .where you can enjoy camping,all kind desert safari,camel safari, horse riding,jeep safari, and many more.

Special Fair Marwad Festival

Marwad festival held by Rajasthan government,Its Held in Sarad Poornima Means Full Moon Night in about October or November month. In this festival all famous Rajasthan's folk dancer and singer and musician come to here and perform here. on this opportunities  many foreigner and Indian are came here and enjoy this great festival . Finally i wanna say you that this place known by great Maharana Ptratap  and also known there Great History, But its also known for many attraction.

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