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Ranakpur Jain Temple Pali Rajasthan

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Ranakpur Jain Temple Pali Rajasthan

Ranakpur Jain Temple is one of most beautiful Adinatha's temple of Rajasthan, It was also nominated in top 77 Wonders of the World. In Seven wonder of wold contest. Its a famous holy place of Jainism. Its also famous pilgrimage of Jainism. You know Rajasthan is one of  popular devotion, constancy, trust ness, faith, reverence, devoutness state of India. Here many Hinduism and Jainism , Which are spread in all district, Some are very old about before 600 AD, and they are also beautiful and great example of architecture. Its part of all religions devotees pilgrimage and also a big part of Rajasthan tourism. Ranakpur also a famous Jain temple and its top in Rajasthan top 5 list. One you visit this great holy place you will feel it.For more guide give  us a Sms in Hindi or English.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur is a small and holy village of Pali distinct of  Rajasthan state. Its located near by Sadari Town of Desuri tehsil. Its a Aravali hills range also. Its famous for Adinatha  Its a spectacular light colored marble architecture. Its fabulous example of Jainism architecture. If you visit Rajasthan state must see this spectacular of India. Its also called temple of pillars because its staining on 1444 spectacular light colored marble and its also have 108 head which made it awesome awesome and also holy place of India with better look. Every year above many thousand visitor and devotee came here.

Ranakpur Jain temple Architecture

This is great example of Jainism architecture, There is attractive 1444 pillars 29 halls and 80 domes.  It's approximately standing area is 60 x 62 meters. Its over on 1444 fabulous pillars. All pillars are made by white marble. Here is  108 snakes heads also with numerous tails which gave this awesome and also beautiful look. The Ranakpur  with its distinctive turrets, shikhara, cupolas and domes rises majestically from the slope of a hill. Here is a beautiful ideal of  God Adinatha and many holy sign also.Here is also 24 Tirthankaras ideal also. If you watch this from front you will catch its gorgeousness in your eyes and never forgot.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Ranakpur Jain temple History

In under direction of Seth Dharna Shah The Ranakpur was founded in the 15th century. There are no any prefect founded history of  Ranakpur Jain temple History. Its many time renovated. There are some documented in a 1437 CE copper-plate record. Which related to its construction history. Its construction started in under patronage of  Maharana Khumha the ruler of Mewad.  He was founder of 84 fort in Rajasthan. He was ruler of Mewad in 15 century.

Ranakpur Jain Temple Timings

Ranakpur Timing is different for Non Jainism and for other visitor, If you are going for as a tourist than your visiting time is After 12 noon to 5 PM.  For visitor and tourism its open only 12 Pm to 5 pm only. On 12 pm to 5 pm you can enjoy here photography and all. Means 12 noon to 5 pm its open for non Jainism. I get this information from many article if there is new schedules please comment below i will add new timing.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Ranakpur Jain Temple Distance and Climate

Here you can visit any time but according to here weather climate Best Season for visit this Rajasthan's holy place is September to March month , You can also choose according to here's local fair and festival
55 cm seasonal Rainfall
Temperature 20.0 degree C 10.6 degree C in Winter
Temperature 22.0 degree C 42.0 degree  in Summer

Distance from Ranakpur

Falana 35 km Its nearest railway station of Ranakpur Jain
Mount Abu  89  Km     

Udaipur    292 Km
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Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan History

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Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan 


Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo

Chittorgarh fort is located in Chittod district of Rajasthan in east side near by mp border. It was capital of Mewad. If watch all  and you don't watch The Chittorgarh fort of Rajasthan than i think you watch nothing. The India's most famous is  Chittorgarh Rajasthan and its also biggest. Its heart of Rajasthan and its also one of most example of here's kings bravery. Rajasthan is a place of solders and brave people's and Chittod is highest famous for there brave history. If Rajasthan Known there bravery its main reason is this or Mewad.Berach river passing from near this. Here famous name are Rana Sangha, Rani Padamini which had golden history in Rajasthan Bravery and Zohar.

Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan 

Chittorgarh  fort is located in  middle in Chittod district of Rajasthan state. Its region also called Mewad. Its very big and its very famous. This is in first rank of  Rajasthan top five forts. All this state forts are very high mostly its located on hills Its also spreaded in 2.8 km2 (1.1 sq mi). This is a  highest elevation is 3,526.9 feet (1,075 m). Now this is not well condition but according to Rajasthan Mewad history .Its also first choice of  poet,bard, minstrel , Parnassian, songster, swan also. Its circumference is 13 km and it maximum with is  above 3 km.

Chittorgarh fort history

Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo

Here history written by golden words. Chittorgarh fort was founded by Mauryans Kings. It was build in during the Seventh century AD. Its also Morya's time and Morya's times coins. For 834 years its main capital of Mewad kings. In 734 AD Bappa Rawal established this. It was gifted to Bappa Rawal for Princess of Solanki as a  dowry its said in traditional stories.In the 1568  AD Mugal Emperor Akbar was destroyed it. After destroyed, its not reconstructed. Chittor is also found in the great Hindu Mahabharat epic Here Pandav son Bhim was stayed and also pray here for Goddess Shiva.but little repaired in 1905 Ad. There are three main important battle fought in history. First in 1303 Ad when Muslim emperor Alauddin Khilji attacked he was besieged this, Second in 1535 Bahadur Shah he was Sultan means King of Gujrat state attacked on here and besieged this and Three Mughak Emperor Akabar was besieged this and destroyed many part of this.

Gates of Chittorgarh Fort

All  in Rajasthan's fort had big higher famous gates which are also called Pol in local language. It was build using iron and wood also included for better security from attacker's elephants. there are seven gates in chittorgarh. Its named taken mainly from there strength and from powerful gods name. These name are Ram Pol Lord Ram Laxman Pol, Padan Pol,Jodha pol Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol,  Main gate name is Ram pol.

Vijay Kirti Stambha Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo

Its a very gorgeous  monument. Vijay Stambha's means is a Tower of victory its also called symble of chittorgarh. Vijay Stambha  or Kirti Stambha of Chittorgarh is founded  by Maharana Khumbha for victory on Mohamad shah Khilji. Its build in 1458 AD to 1468 AD. Its a very nice and attractive tower. Its height is 122 feet or 37.2 meter. Its above 8th floor building . When you reach on 8th floor you can watch from here full parts of Chittor city.Its also visitor choice.

Rana Khumba Palace Mahal

Rana Khubha who was great king of this heritage in about 1450. Khubha Palace constructed for Marahana Khumbha. its also beautiful heritage. its one of most well condition palace of this. Udaipur  and city founder Maharana Udai Singh also born here. and Famous story of  Panna Dhay also belonged from here. 

Padmini’s Palace

Its also located in middle southern of this there are a temple and  middle in this fort. Its white palace. There is small pond between palace and land. Its very historical palace of Rajasthan. Every one know about Rani Padmini's great history. Its a three Storey building.Here she was finished Zohar. Zohar means suicide without feel any pain and fear of die for own security  like this.

Mewad Bravery

So Mewad is one of great example of here's Kings bravery and honer we never forget him they are now in our heart. They are not a simple man they are greatest king of India. Now we can say that this state also a  procedure of brave people.For more information and suggestion please  give  us one msg in Hindi or English on contact page. Thanks for visit
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