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Tribe Caste Bishnoi Villages Tribe Caste Samaj 29 Rule Jodhpur Rajasthan

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Bishnoi Villages Tribe Caste Samaj  29 Rules  Rajasthan

Bishnoi are devotee of  God Vishnu and Guru Jambhoji. Its very Eco friendly tribe or cast in Rajasthan also in India.This tribe follow 29 rules which are given by Guru Jambhoji Maharaj. This cast live with villages means its live with nature and they had a special relation with nature. They not like violence in there life all are nonviolence with nature and animals. They are real guard of forest, humanity,animals and rules.In the Rajasthan state's this cast is mostly found in Jodhpur district and there most holy places found in Bikaner district.

Bishnoi lady girl woman breast feeding to deer image picture photo

Bishnoi Samaj Community

Mostly found in villages area, they don't more like arban they wanna live with nature. Deer is most famous in there community. Man wear clean white dresses and they dont wear any blue dress and girls wear. They trees and they don't harm and cut any live tree in there life. All are pure vegetarian.

Bishnoi 29 Rules Twenty Nine Rules

This cast also known there Twenty nine rules which are given by Guru Jamboji. I am sharing with some special and msot ruls of this cast. Its name means also Bish means twenty and  noi means 9 so full means is 19 rules followers.
1- daily morning bath . 2- 30 day delivery - Sutk believes, 3- Five day free from work to home Rjswata petticoat, 4 -  To observe modesty, 5 - To hold satisfaction, 6 - External and internal maintain purity and holiness, 7 - Three-time evening worship, 8 - to evening prayer time and ruminate about the qualities of God, 9 - To fidelity and loving sacrificially, 10 - Water, fuel and milk filters - Taking into bean experiment, 11 - To restraint of speech, mercy and forgiveness to conceive, 12 - Theft, slander, lies and debate to sacrifice, 13 - Amavshya to fast on the day of, 14 - to worship of Vishnu, 15 - Keep a sense of compassion towards animals, 16 - Green tree Cutting, 17 - Lust, anger, greed, infatuation and ruin, 18 - From the kitchen to make their Had 19 - benefactor to protect animals, 20 - Amal, tobacco, cannabis, alcohol and sacrifice Neil, 21 - Do not castrated bulls.

Bishnoi man with deer eating image photo image

Bishnoi Tribe Jodhpur Rajasthan

Mostely Bishnoi cast  found in Jodhpur disrict. Here is high population of this tribe. This is simple tribe. Khejala and Mukam is famous holy places of this tribe. Every Bishnoi people must visit here in the life. Khejdala which famous for People who die for security of Khejadi tree. Every year here arganised big Eco friendly fair.

Bishnoi Villages Jodhpur Rajasthan

This community people mostly live in village and now its also a part of Rajasthan Tourism. They live with animals,farms and nature. They had special touch of nature. There villages is mostly identify by there unique dresses. They are fully know that how to use secure nature . There life style fully traditional.

Bishnoi village safari photo image wallpaper

Bishnoi Villages safari  Jodhpur Rajasthan

In last few year Here's village safari also famous in Rajasthan tourism. People very like this community and there rules and home also. Here you can watch forest animals like deer with man freedom without any fear. They gave food to deer by hand its awesome.
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Sundha Mata Temple Tirth Jalore Bhilmal Rajasthan India

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Sundha Mata Temple Tirth  Jalore Bhilmal Rajasthan

 Sundha Mata Temple is 900 year old and its located on Aravali hills Jalore district of Rajasthan state.Sundha mata temple height is 1220 meter,it was made by wight marble on Navaratra here organized Sundha Mata fair or festival . During on Navratra tourist and devotees came here from all around India and nearby areas and  Gujarat state comes in hug mass.Here you will many attraction for tourism and also for devotees of goddesses Chamunda Devi.This temple have real natural touch of Aravali hills.

 sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

Sundha Mata Temple Jalore Bhinmal Location

This is located on top area of Aravali hills means its located on hilltop called Sundha in areal language.Its very old temple,its build about 900 year ago with special curve work of  wight marble stones.Its loacted in Jalore district state of Rajasthan near by Bhinmal Tehsil of Jalore.

History Sundha Mata Temple Jalore

sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

In the temple area there are three most and important historical significant inscriptions.All are not fully about here's history but some lines tell that its temple 900 year old.

Garaba Dandiya fair Sundha Mata Jalore

During Navratra of Aswin according to Hindu's calender and according International calendar its came on about August month here is originated very big fair and festival which most attraction of  Gujrati famous Folk dance Dandiya. Many devotees and visitor stay here for nine days of Navratra time.They pray and whirship chamunda Devi or Shunda Mata. On that time here location really so beautiful with attractive Gujrati Garba Music.You will never forget it.

Sundha Mata  Wildlife sanctuary Jalore

Here is a small wildlife century with beautiful natural look.Here is many attraction for visitor. In rainy days you will many water falls with musical sound of water and many small rainy rivers.This sanctuary full Rajasthan deers and many types birds.

Ropeway (Udan Khatola) Sundha Mata Jalore

sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

Its started in few year ago.Now its most tourism attraction of Sundha Mata Temple. Its build for climb Sundha mata hilltop.because its very high climb by stairs its difficult but using Ropeway or Udan Khatola its going to very interesting.Its build by Sundha mata temple trust.Using this you can enjoy real look of natural or Aravali Hills.For this you will pay 75 rupees only.800 meter is length of ropway.

Hotels Amenities Sundha Mata Temple Jalore

There are no big very hotels but here you can stay in many type small hotels. They will give all type facilities or Amenities that you wanna.On hilltop you will find a big hotel and many small hotels with low rate.

How to reach Sundha Mata Temple Bhinmal Jalore

On fair or Navratra time there are arranged many travel  for journey or visit here.Jalore is District so its fully connected with all ways so you first reach Jalore than you can choose by your self .
Distance from
Ahmadabad- 280 Km   Mount Abu  -  104 Km  
Udaipur   - 185 km   Bhinmal - 35 km
Jalore    - 105 Km

Final Words

Thanks for visit our site for real Rajsthan tourism complete guide and for awesome unique article please keep visit our site.You may also like famous osian shree sachiyay temple please click here for guide osian tourism and temple and many more about tourism.                                                                 
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Marwari Marwadi culture people language Rajasthan

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Marwari Marwadi culture people language Rajasthan

Rajasthan is divided in many part or region like as Marwad,Godwad,sekhawati,Mewad,Hadoti and its famous also here's local language Marwadi or Marwari Mewadi,Godwari and Sekhawati language, All had there different language,culture,region,dresses,tradition,geography,Rituals and regulation so its called Rangilo Rajasthan.(Colorful Rajathan)Rangilo Rajasthan's meaning is different in all area.
Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani culture photo

Rangilo Rajasthan Colorful Rajasthan

Rajasthan state had awesome geography which is Thar desert, Aravali hills its oldest hills in the wold,eaten big fields,forest or centenary. Here you will found many culture Marwadi culture Jodhpur, Barmer,Jaislmer,Godwadi culture in Pali,Sirohi,Jalore,sekhawati culture Jaipur,Dosha Mewar culture Udaipur, Chittorgarh,Bhilwada. All region people wear a different style dresses and there life style also is different Its all called Coulor full Rajasthan or Rangilo Rajasthan.

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthan India

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani man photo

Marwad is entrance gate of Thar desert of Rajasthan state India.Manily Jodhpur,Barmer and Jaisalmer district are in this region. Marwadi or Marwari people famous for there hospitality,folk songs,Kalbelia folk dance,Here's Mirchibada and namkeen. Its very famous for here people friendly attitude you never find any where like this.Here solders also famous for there bravery in Indian Army.Here are tow famous fort Mehrangarh fort Jodhpur and Sonar Fort Jaislamer.

Don't Miss Famous Karni Mata Temple

Marwadi or Marwari Culture Rajasthan

Here culture's maily related from desert culture, You know Jodhpur paint shirt is nation dress.In villagers area people wear terbon on head its protect from high hot sunlight of sun because here in summer temperature is going fifty degree its very hot. People wear simple dress Dhoty, Dhoty is Indian Shari like clothes with wight color its wear as paint.and ladies wear traditional Ghagra and choli and more jewellery of gold foot to head.Here's culture is surrounding with here folk songs.

Marwadi or Marwari language Rajasthan

All region have there special language, We can note people thourh there language here.s most speaking language is Marwadi or Marwari. Its very sweet language in the India. Here' people is so friendly and so here language also friendly. Here you will found that first word is Brother, Mr. and miss and here's language is also famous in Bollywood.

Marwadi or Marwari People Rajasthan

Marwadi or Marwari People famous for there bravery, In history of Indian military you will find many Marwadi's people name who die for Indian security.Here's people mainly very inspire to great rajaput King Maharan Prataap.Here peoples main business is farm here people work as farmer.They wear simple cotton dresses with Marwari Marwadi culture people language also called safa.Ladies wear Gaghra, Chooli with odani or Chunary. Here  ladies dress very famous in Indian marriage.

Marwadi or Marwari Folk Song and Dance

Marwad or Marwar Rajasthani folk dance photo,image
Rajasthan is pure traditional state mostely its tradition look in Marwad or Marwar area. Here's folk song is very famous in India and Indian Bollywood. Here's Langa party's folk music and song is realy very sweet its also like Pop song. Here you will found famous Kalbelia dance.Here Famous Kalbelia dancer Gulabo is very famous in the world. She was perfomed in many countries like as England,America,Italy and many more.
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Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort History and Hotels Timing Full

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Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort

Rajasthan is full of forts and Kumbhalgarh Fort is also a great fort of Rajasthan,Its founder was Maharan Kubha in 15th century. Its located in Mewad which is Kumbhalgarh Fort Udaipur.Kumbhalgarh Fort  is included in top five hugest fort list of Rajasthan.Its a very attractive and its history also very great.Its located in Arawali hills near by Parsuram Mahadev District Rajsamand.Here are many tourism and historical places and its also famous for Great King Maharana Pratap.

Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort image,picture,photo,wallpaper

Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort History

Founder Maharana Kubha
Build in 15th Century
Desginer Maharana Kubha
Located in Rajasamnd,Rajasthan
birthplace Maharana Pratap

Kumbhalgarh Fort's founder was Great king Maharana Kumbha its founded in 15th century. Maharana Kumbha was build many fort in Rajasthan ,he build 84 fort all are very attractive and 32 is design by Rana Kumbha.This fort located in top of Arawali hills so its very high ,and its also very secure palace. Its located in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan 82 km away from Udaipur This is also birth place of great Rajput king Maharana Pratap who know everyone in  India.This is example of bravery of Rajput kings.

Kumbhalgarh Fort's Udaipur Tourism places

This is part of Mewad emperor (riyasat). In Kumbhalgarh Fort there seven gates five is out and tow is inside.There gate called Poll which name are Aret Pol, Halla Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ram Pol, Vijay Pol, Nimboo Pol last is Bhairon Pol.

Birth Place of Maharana Pratap

Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort image,picture,photo,wallpaper
Jhalia ka Malia here is birthplace of Maharana Pratap,Jhalia ka Malia or Queen Jhali's palace.Its situated near by Pagda poll or gate.Its famous for there great man history.

Badal Mahal

This is higest point of this place.Its founder was Rana Fateh Singh in  1885 to1930 AD.this palace is divided in tow part Zanana Mahal its for ladies and second is Mardana Mahal its for gents the Kings and prince.Its decorated with nice paint and all are private

Ganesh Temple
Its also beautifull and holy place its founded in Maharana Kumbha time.
Vidi Temple
Vidi Temple also founded by Rana Kumbha in 1457 AD.Its build when this is fully completed.Its a goddesses temple situated at high platform.

Kumbhalgarh Fort Hotels

Kumbhalgarh Fort is away from any city. here you can find many type Hotel,Which is provide you guide and many more about Arawali hills tourism.Here you can select huts for stay night which provided by hotels owners.

Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort Timing

For visit here you can visit any time but according to Rajasthan whether and Arawali hills best time for visit here August to October now time here is rainy days and all hills will covered green trees.

Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh Fort image,picture,photo,wallpaper

Nearest Tourism Places Kumbhalgarh Fort

There are many tourism and holy places located near by this fort. Parsuram Mahadev temple which is 10 km away from here its very famous and old temple with natural look,In about August here is organized a holy fair many devotees are come here.Ranakpur jain temple,and Charbhuja temple, Haldighati,and Light show are visitor choice. If wanna further information than Give a sms in Hindi or English for further detail.
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Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan Most Popular

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Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan 

Chittorgarh fort is located in Chittod district of Rajasthan in east side near by mp border. It was capital of Mewad. If watch all  and you don't watch The Chittorgarh fort of Rajasthan than i think you watch nothing. The India's most famous is  Chittorgarh Rajasthan and its also biggest. Its heart of Rajasthan and its also one of most example of here's kings bravery. Rajasthan is a place of solders and brave people's and Chittod is highest famous for there brave history. If Rajasthan Known there bravery its main reason is this or Mewad.Berach river passing from near this. Here famous name are Rana Sangha, Rani Padamini which had golden history in Rajasthan Bravery and Zohar.
Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo

Fort of Chittorgarh Rajasthan 

Chittorgarh  fort is located in  middle in Chittod district of Rajasthan state. Its region also called Mewad. Its very big and its very famous. This is in first rank of  Rajasthan top five forts. All this state forts are very high mostly its located on hills Its also spread in 2.8 km2 (1.1 sq mi). This is a  highest elevation is 3,526.9 feet (1,075 m). Now this is not well condition but according to Rajasthan Mewad history .Its also first choice of  poet,bard, minstrel , Parnassian, songster, swan also. Its circumference is 13 km and it maximum with is  above 3 km.

Chittorgarh fort history

Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo
Here history written by golden words. Chittorgarh fort was founded by Mauryans Kings. It was build in during the Seventh century AD. Its also Morya's time and Morya's times coins. For 834 years its main capital of Mewad kings. In 734 AD Bappa Rawal established this. It was gifted to Bappa Rawal for Princess of Solanki as a  dowry its said in traditional stories.In the 1568  AD Mugal Emperor Akbar was destroyed it. After destroyed, its not reconstructed. Chittor is also found in the great Hindu Mahabharat epic Here Pandav son Bhim was stayed and also pray here for Goddess Shiva.but little repaired in 1905 Ad. There are three main important battle fought in history. First in 1303 Ad when Muslim emperor Alauddin Khilji attacked he was besieged this, Second in 1535 Bahadur Shah he was Sultan means King of Gujrat state attacked on here and besieged this and Three Mughak Emperor Akabar was besieged this and destroyed many part of this.

Gates of Chittorgarh Fort

All  in Rajasthan's fort had big higher famous gates which are also called Pol in local language. It was build using iron and wood also included for better security from attacker's elephants. there are seven gates in Chittorgarh. Its named taken mainly from there strength and from powerful gods name. These name are Ram Pol Lord Ram Laxman Pol, Padan Pol,Jodha pol Bhairon Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ganesh Pol,  Main gate name is Ram pol.

Vijay Kirti Stambha Chittorgarh Rajasthan

Fort of Chittorgarh rajasthan image,picture,wallapaper,photo

Its a very gorgeous  monument. Vijay Stambha's means is a Tower of victory its also called symble of chittorgarh. Vijay Stambha  or Kirti Stambha of Chittorgarh is founded  by Maharana Khumbha for victory on Mohamad shah Khilji. Its build in 1458 AD to 1468 AD. Its a very nice and attractive tower. Its height is 122 feet or 37.2 meter. Its above 8th floor building . When you reach on 8th floor you can watch from here full parts of Chittor city.Its also visitor choice.

Rana Khumba Palace Mahal

Rana Khubha who was great king of this heritage in about 1450. Khubha Palace constructed for Marahana Khumbha. its also beautiful heritage. its one of most well condition palace of this. Udaipur  and city founder Maharana Udai Singh also born here. and Famous story of  Panna Dhay also belonged from here. 

Padmini’s Palace

Its also located in middle southern of this there are a temple and  middle in this fort. Its white palace. There is small pond between palace and land. Its very historical palace of Rajasthan. Every one know about Rani Padmini's great history. Its a three Story building.Here she was finished Zohar. Zohar means suicide without feel any pain and fear of die for own security  like this.

Mewad Bravery

So Mewad is one of great example of here's Kings bravery and honer we never forget him they are now in our heart. They are not a simple man they are greatest king of India. Now we can say that this state also a  procedure of brave people.For more information and suggestion please  give  us one msg in Hindi or English on contact page. Thanks for visit
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Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer Rajasthan India

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Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer 

In the Rajasthan state you will found many Hindu and Jain temples, Rajasthan is devotional state there are many famous and historical Jain and Hindu temples. It is most beautiful example of this. Its located in west side in Rajasthan state in Nakoda village of Barmer district.Its village name was different in past its changing with time but its some historical name are Maheva and Virumpura also. Its also a big focal point of Jain devotee.  Its also special for Rajasthan tourism. here;s architecture and art is very attractive.Here images are very famous. 

 Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

About Nakoda Jain Temple

If you visit here you will never forgot it. Its a pure white marble temple with nicely curve stone works are very attractive. In all Rajasthan  famous for there architecture all are different with beautiful stone work.This temple is rare example of sculptural elegance and Architectural.Its also famous in Hindu community. Every year many Hindu devotee are visit this holy place also.
Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

Nakoda Parsvanath Jain Temple History

Nokoda village is locates in bermer district Rajasthan. Its government or official village name is Mevanagar. Means Mevanagar name in government record of like now. If  you read this history there are many name which are the  Maheva Viramapura and Nagara. When here made a this due to its popularity name changed to in now name. Its very holy place of its related community.Here is a famous in the lotus position God Parshva. Here is a 58 cm miracle black idol of God Parshva.

Nakoda Jain Temple Architecture

Its architecture is Jain architecture . Its  a fabulous example of Jain architecture. It build by white marble stone with attractive curve work. Here's main temple Shree Parsvanath idol also gorgeous. Its a black 58 cm idol with full of attractive work. Its famous miracle place of Rajasthan. So its higher famous holy place.

How to Reach Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer

Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

If you wanna visit The this holy palace you can visit here easily. Its located in Barmer district's 13 km from Balotra town with hills and forest like area but here you will found many transportation from Balotra town.You can visit here any time. But summer is very hot. So August to March is very fair for visit here. You can choose you visiting time according here fair and festivals.
Nearest Airport is Jodhpur only 110 km 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Nearest railway is Balotra  only 13 Kms 15 Minutes

If you wanna by Road way than distance of big city from Nakoda

Udaipur 260 Km  4 Hour 40 Minutes     Balotra 13 Km 15 Minutes Barmer 110 Km   1 Hour 45 Minutes     Jodhpur 110 Km 1 Hour 45
Tirth Dham Shree Pavapuri 180 Km      Jaipur 

Nearest Famous temple from Nakoda

Its is located near by Balotara town,there are some famous tourism and Holy places also of Hinduism also. Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is located 180 km from here. Here also passing Looni river of Rajasthan. Here is also a holy temple of Jasol Mata Ji. Its located in in Jasol village in Pachpadra town district of Barmer. Jasol to Nakoda distance is only 4 km so you can also visit this holy and famous temple.
For other Rajasthan famous you may like also with complete Guide
Dilwada         Osian
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Rajasthan Udaipur Fort Tourism Lake

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Rajasthan Udaipur Fort Tourism Lake

Udaipur  is a lake city of Rajasthan India. Its fort and many Tourism places are very attractive place of Udaipur Rajasthan, Udaipur fort and Tourism places are very famous ind Rajasthan and also wold wide.Its gorgeous and attractive tourist destination of Rajasthan.  Maharana Udai Singh was founder of Udaipur. Its was founded in 1559 Ad.He was a great king of Mewad. It was Mewad's final capital.Its a located near by Banas river.Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh fort are most famous fort of Mewad ruler. Its also batter place according to Rajasthan.

Udaipur Fort image,photo,image,picture hd

Lake City Udaipur

When you will visit here you will found  a lake in few km. This city also known Lake city. There are many in this city, Some are man made and some are natural. Pichola and Fateh sagar is bigger. These are also most attraction of tourism and vister. Its also very useful for Rajasthan Tourism.

City Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur city palace image,photo,image,picture hd

Its located in east bank of Lake Pichola.Its a many different series of beautiful palacs.Jag Niwas here's a famous hotel.Its give panoramic views for visitor and other site you will saw also panoramic views of Jag Temple or Jag Mandir.Here is a located  very attractive the Tripolia gate. Its a main entrance gate.The Tripolia gate is founded in 1725.Here is nice series of parations, terraces, corridors, courtyards, overlapping and gorgeous gardens all are had unique place in Rajasthan tourism

Famous tourism places of Udaipur

There are many tourism places in this city. Some are historical, some are natural and religious. All visitor choice i am sharing with you one best famous tourism places of here which are City Palace,Palace,Jag Mandir,Monsoon Palace,Jagdish Temple,Sagasji Mandir,Fateh Sagar,Saheliyon-ki-Bari,Sagasji Mandir, Pichola,Gulab Bagh and Zoo,Doodh Talai,Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal,Bohara Ganesh Ji,Nehru Garden,Maharana Pratap Memorial or Moti Magri,Ahar Museum,Shilpgram and many more sure you will like its real this district tourism.

Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Its a most famous temple of this city. Its located in middle in this city. Jagdish Temple's founder was Maharana Jagat Singh. Its build in 1651 A.D.Maharana Jagat Singh was also great king. He was also like heritage. Its a marvelous example of architecture.Its a Hindu temple. Here you will find special kind paintings and dresses of Rajasthan tradition.

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

Its a famous lake city of India because here many famous and attractive.Fateh sagar also a big and famous lake of this city and also in Rajasthan. Its located in the north of Picholas. Its originally founder was Maharana Jai Singh in 1678.  Cause of heavy rain it was extended by Maharana Fateh Singh so its known as Fateh Sagar. Give us a prefect natural look of nature.

Ahar Museum Udaipur

Its a full of historical things Museum. Here is a many oldest mud pots some are date back to 1700 BC. So its very famous. Its located 2 km from this city. Here is many cluster of cenotaphs of King of Mewad.

Lake Pichola Udaipur

Udaipur image,photo,image,picture hd

Lake Pichola is very popular lake among Rajasthan peoples. There are many folk song on Lake Pichola.Its a 4 km long and 3 Km wide. here is two island both are very attractive. There many historical gate which name are washing ghats where people wash there clothes and bathing where people was bath.Maharana Udai Singh was originally built this. Here is also a heritage palace hotel.If you visit this place sure you will never forgot this heritage Pichola.

How to reach  Udaipur city Rajasthan India.

This is in Rajasthan  top three famous city. Its also a district of Rajasthan. Its fully connected with all ways so you can select any of these ways for visit here. For best time to visit this attractive district of Rajasthan you can visit here any time here climate all time fair. here is also a railway station and airport which is connected with big cites of India. So enjoy Its tourism
Distance from popular city
Jodhpur 248 Km   4 Hour 40 Minutes  Jaipur 248 Km 4 Hour 40 Minutes 
Delhi   678 Km   9 Hour 23 Minutes  Kota   250 Km 4 Hour 40 Minutes
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Most Popular Fort in Rajasthan India


Most Popular Fort in Rajasthan India

Fort of Rajasthan all are very famous, If you search Fort in Rajasthan than you will found many big list, If you wanna visit Indian fort please must select Rajasthan, Which all are highly famous in India and also in The world. Here some are well condition and are also attractive for there great history. All are famous for there location, history,great attractive architecture, gorgeousness, there big gates,defensive architecture,water reservoirs within the inner boundaries.If you visit i think you will never forgot this great tour. Here all are given a defensive architecture for better security,Some are world heritage which is given by UNESCO like as Jantar Mantar and many more which are give you Incredible India and Total tourism of Rajasthan.

Fort in Rajasthan image,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Type in Rajasthan Forts India

We can divide here's are in many types Like as Hill fort of Rajasthan, Desert,rocky, field, century, oldest fort of Rajasthan and strongest heritage of Rajasthan, rivers. By location and there architecture we can divide into many type all are so attractive, but i am sharing with you some one of best and famous, if you wanna full description and guide you can go here on my sites other article they will give you complete historical and architecture full guide. Here's Hill top forts are very famous. Mostly its located on Aravali rocky hills. It was build for better security from others. Some are located on sand dunes which is Jaisalmer's is very famous. For more guide give  us a Sms in Hindi or English.

Rajasthan Fort Architecture

After 1300 AD here most ruler was Rajput and here most  founder was Rajapur ruler. Here you will found great example of Rajpur architecture. Some had Mughal and Rajput mixed architecture also. Here's places have nicely worked on stone and wight marble with beautifully curve work. here's all palaces are marvelous example of Rajaput architecture. All are gorgeous.

Hill Forts in Rajasthan

This categories all are highly famous in Rajasthan and also in India, Hill Forts of Rajasthan are visitor first choice, Every year above lakes people visit here, By heading you can understand its  located on Aravali hills or rocky field.or its found on range of  Aravallis mountain Its top is very high, Mostly its founder was Rajaput kings, Mostly all are founded by Rajput kings between  13th AD to 19th AD. These are full of Rajput architecture. And best founder was Mewad ruler which is famous name is Maharana Khumba, He was build 84  in Rajasthan in different places and he was also a great ruler of Mewad. One of best example of Maharana Khumba's founded is Khumbhalgarh, Its located on Arvali hills in Rajasamnd district. Its a very high, If you will visit on top palace you will feel that you in sky. Its a included in top five in Rajasthan.

Fort in Rajasthan image,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Hill Forts in Rajasthan List

If you wanna visit here's famous Hill Forts of Rajasthan, I am sharing with you best hill fort of Rajasthan. All are located on Aravli hill or other high hills. Its build for better security from others.Its full Rajput architecture and all are have a temple, These temple are  traditional temples, There kings always worship there so, Temple which are located in for they are very famous among people like as Chamunda Devi Temple in Mehrangarh.

Best Hill Forts in Rajasthan List

Chittorgarh fort - Its located in Chittod district in Rajasthan, Its biggest  and largest  of Rajasthan, Its also famous for there kinks bravery, Its build by Sisidia Rajput in 7th century, Its have a big and powerful wall, seven gates, Here is also located Kirti Stambh and Khumha palace are also attractive and beautiful tourism and historical places.
Amber- Its located in Jaipur capital of Rajasthan, Here's wall painting and Janter Manter also beautiful place. Janter Manter is world heritage announce by UNESCO.
Ranthambore - Its  located Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan on Thambhor Hill, It was founded by  Sapaldaksha who is famous Chauhan rajput King in 94 AD, Its 700 above.Here's famous ruler was  Raja Sajraj Veer Singh Nagil in 880 to 935 AD.Here is also a famous century of Tiger.
Jaisalmer Fort - Its located in west side of Rajasthan in Jaisalmer district. Its also called Golden city of Rajasthan, Here's stone looking like a gold. Here's palaces and temple are very beautiful with  full of curve stone work.

Famous fort Of Rajasthan

This state have many all very famous, but some are really in top list. I am sharing with you Top 5 fort of Rajasthan which name are very famous in visitor means its given by according to there visitor traffic. Which is focal point of Rajasthan tourism. Some are situated on Hill and some on simple surface, Now all are convert in museums and under the Govt of India.
Fort in Rajasthan image,picture,photo,wallapaper hd

Chittorgarh fort - Its highly famous and oldest fort of Rajatshna,For complete guide click here with history and best tourism places.
Amer fort - Its famous for architecture big gate called Poll and there wall painting. Its located in here's capital guide of Amer .
Kumbhalgarh -
Complete guide about this please go here.
Mehrangarh fort - Its located in sun-city Jodhpur is also very high and well condition.
Haunted Bhangarh - Its very  Haunted place of Rajasthan. There are many haunted stories of this ,Its a home of dangerous ghosts , Here nobody visit at night. For complete guide and history of Bhangard you may like our complete article on Bhangarh fort.

Total Fort in Rajasthan

There are many Big and small fors in Rajasthan But i am share you famous 36 fort of Rajasthan, which are famous and useful for there history, for there kings, related to there founder and city and more which are Achalgarh, Ambr, Bhadrajun, Bhainsrorgarh, Bijai, Chittorgarh, Deeg Palace, Gagron ,Kesroli, Jadawata, Jaigarh, Jalore, Jiliya, Junagarh, Kankwadi Khandar, Khinvsar, Kumbhalgarh, Laxmangarh, Lohagarh, Madhogarh, Maroth, Maukala, Mehrangarh, Mundru, Nahargarh, Neemrana, Ranthambore, Roopangarh, Siwana, Taragarh, Timan Garh,Jaislamer thats all.

Best time to visit Rajasthan Forts

If wanna visit Rajasthan, Its give you many opportunity of Rajasthan tourism, Here is big amount of tourism, Here you can select best fort in Rajasthan, desert, Tiger century, Famous Jain temples, Aravali hills and lakes and many more.You can visit here any time but August to march is better according to here climate. Because Rajasthan is very hot state in April to august so its not fair. but you can visit here any season just choose your better time.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji Ramdevra rajasthan

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Baba Ramdevra Rajasthan Ramdev Temple

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Picture Photo image
Baba Ramdev
Ramdevra is a small town of Jaisalmer.Its located in north side of Pakaran about 11 kilometer.This is  a holy palace of Hindus and also for Muslim community.Here is a famous Lok devata  Baba Ramdeo Ji temple.This town also called Runicha.Ramdevra village name took in memory of Ramdev Ji Who live on penance(samadhi) here in 1459 AD and also here many Samadhi  of Ramdev Ji Devotees.Send us a Msg in Hindi English  for more detail.

Ram sarowar Ramdevra Talab Pond

Here is a famous and holy pond also known Ramsarower Talab.Devotees shrink here for clean there sin,misdoing,wickedness,guilt,immorality because this water have a magic for clean of these unwanted things of life.This very big holy pond its build by Baba Ramdev in that for arrange drinking water for people.This is a about 50 feet deep pond.Its also famous for there high walls build around the Ramsarower Talab or Holy Ramsarower Pond.

Baba Ramdev Rajasthan Mandir

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev fair mela Picture Photo image

Ramdevra village founder was Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji and its village name took from Baba Ramdev Ji's name. He was born in 1405 in Barmer District Shive Tahashil.Muslim Devotees called him Ramapeer and Ramdevji also known part of God Krishna means Krishna Avatar.He was son of local king Maharaja Ajmal Ji.He was killed giant monster Beru..Monster Beru  is very power full giant he was eat live people. Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji was do many work for humanity.

Runicha Ramdevra Temple

In Ramdevra have a Ramdev temple.Its top in  high famous temple's of Rajasthan. Here came very high amount of devotees in many lakhs.Its very high. People came here journey by foot from thousand kilometer.Near above 200 km roads full due to by foot journey of Baba Ramdev Ji devotees. This is amazing. It happen in Bhadva Month about August month.

Ramdevra Mela Fair

This is a highly crowed fair in Rajasthan.Its came in bhadrapada month according to Hindu's calender and according to international calendar its came in August month.In this month here came Baba Ramdev Ji's devotees in large amount.All devotees came different state of India but manly came from local Rajasthan,Gujrat,Madhya Pradesh,Utter Pradesh using by train,bus,bicycle,and by foot.Mainly this is a 11 day's fair but it will continue 2 month.

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Runicha

When any tourist,visitor and devotees wanna journey to Ramdevra when Jodhpur came first big city on the way.Jodhpur is big city and also connect with all big Indian cities by Airway,Railway and roadways.Here you can select any of these way for Ramdevra.
Lok Devta Baba Ramdev train Picture Photo image

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Train

Distance is 189 km or  3 hour
Distance is 189 km or  3 hour In fair or Mala time Jodhpur Jone arranged many mela special trans for Ramdevra to Jodhpur..Here you will found every hour  at rain for this.Here you can choose also roadways and private bus service also.
For Delhi 659 km or 9 hour 45 minutes
Intercity express daily service.
For Bikaner

You can reach here from bikaner by train daily serves.
At last Ramsapeer Ki Jay
For Latest train Timing Send a sms.

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

History of Jalore Fort Rajasthan Jalore Tourism

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Jalore Fort Rajasthan History and Guide

jalore fort rajasthan image,picture,photo
Rajasthan hade many Forts with great history and Jalore Fort Rajasthan is best example for this, Its visitor point of Jalore tourism of rajasthan. Its located in small hilltop Jalore town or jalore district of Rajasthan state. Its oldest fort of Rajasthan with well condition and architecture.It is 10th centuries best fort.Here are many famous temple and Mosques here. This had many famous stories about.Its also famous for many women do jauhar here.Its great example of bravery of Rajasthan women.Here is a very high and powerful wall so on that time its very secured fort. Here's a very famous Rajasthan quote That Rayo ra Bhav Rate Giya its related to this fort also

History of Jalore fort

Jalore fort is 8th to10th century's fort.. On 10th century's ruler was Rajput dynasty. This was ruled by Parmar dynasty. On 6 th to 10 century Parmar ruler had very condition and power. They was founder many temples and fort in Rajasthan, its best example osian shree sachiyaya mata temple also build by Parmar. Kirtipala' youngest son Maharaja Alhana was ruler of Nadol village.He was founder of Jalore.His son, Samarsimha, is very power full man on 1182 Muslim ruler Ala ud din Khilji was many attacked on this town and he was  destroyed in 1311AD.
jalore fort rajasthan image,picture,photo

Architecture of Jalore Fort

It is an example of Hindu architecture, Its located on small perpendicular hill top of this town about 1200 feet is four big gates for enter also called poll.Its take 1 hour to climb on top area.Its 2 or 3 long.

Attraction of Jalore Fort Rajasthan

There are many Attraction here.Many palaces and heritages was destroyed by time and attacker, so there is no more attraction with well conditions. Here is many water tank,old palaces and jain temples. with well condition i am sharing with some of best tourism point.

Hindi Temple in Jalore Fort

Here is so attractive and oldest God Shiva temple, Its build by Kanhaddev that ruler of here. Its temple's some part reconstructed by Raja Man Singh Ruler of Jodhpur.This temple  devoted  to Hindu Lord Shiva.
The Fort Mosques
Here is Mosques its also called Kila Msdid and its focal point of Muslim community.Its well decorated Mosques.with Indian Gujrat state style decoration

The Jain Temples Jalore Rajasthan

Jain temple of jalore fort rajasthan image,picture,photo

The Jain Temple of Jalore fort its biggest tourist and Jain community. Its pilgrimage. Here is loacted famous   Parshvnath, Mahavira, Shantinath,Adinath, temples with beautiful architecture.Its one of oldest temple of Adinath. Its founder was Yasovira, a Srimali vaishya and its founded in 1182AD . its a pure white marble temple with beautifull stone curve work. Here you will found Parshvnath temple its build by King of Jalore and its reconstructed in 1785 AD. Its located in west side of this fort. On this temple you will found a spectacular Toran or archway and a golden cupola its very attractive.

How to Reach Jalore Fort Rajasthan

Jalore is small district of Rajasthan state. Its fully connected with roadways,railways, You can visit here using all above and you can visit here using own taxi or cars. Its very nice tourism area here you can visit also Sundha mata temple. Which is famous in all around India.For best time to visit Jalore you can visit here anytime in 365 days of year.

Distance from Jalore Rajasthan

Ahmadabad 314 km 5 hour 30 minutes
Delhi  650 km 9 hour 35 minutes
Jodhpur    143 km 2 hour 20 minutes
Udaipur  200 km 3 hour 20 minutes
Jaislamer  310 km 4 hour 34 minutes
Jaipur   390 5 hour 50 minutes
You may also visit Nearest tourism place of this area Sundha mata Temple, Its beautiful tourism and regional place of this distinct.
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