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Tribe Caste Bishnoi Villages Tribe Caste Samaj 29 Rule Jodhpur Rajasthan

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Bishnoi Villages Tribe Caste Samaj  29 Rules  Rajasthan

Bishnoi are devotee of  God Vishnu and Guru Jambhoji. Its very Eco friendly tribe or cast in Rajasthan also in India.This tribe follow 29 rules which are given by Guru Jambhoji Maharaj. This cast live with villages means its live with nature and they had a special relation with nature. They not like violence in there life all are nonviolence with nature and animals. They are real guard of forest, humanity,animals and rules.In the Rajasthan state's this cast is mostly found in Jodhpur district and there most holy places found in Bikaner district.

Bishnoi lady girl woman breast feeding to deer image picture photo

Bishnoi Samaj Community

Mostly found in villages area, they don't more like arban they wanna live with nature. Deer is most famous in there community. Man wear clean white dresses and they dont wear any blue dress and girls wear. They trees and they don't harm and cut any live tree in there life. All are pure vegetarian.

Bishnoi 29 Rules Twenty Nine Rules

This cast also known there Twenty nine rules which are given by Guru Jamboji. I am sharing with some special and msot ruls of this cast. Its name means also Bish means twenty and  noi means 9 so full means is 19 rules followers.
1- daily morning bath . 2- 30 day delivery - Sutk believes, 3- Five day free from work to home Rjswata petticoat, 4 -  To observe modesty, 5 - To hold satisfaction, 6 - External and internal maintain purity and holiness, 7 - Three-time evening worship, 8 - to evening prayer time and ruminate about the qualities of God, 9 - To fidelity and loving sacrificially, 10 - Water, fuel and milk filters - Taking into bean experiment, 11 - To restraint of speech, mercy and forgiveness to conceive, 12 - Theft, slander, lies and debate to sacrifice, 13 - Amavshya to fast on the day of, 14 - to worship of Vishnu, 15 - Keep a sense of compassion towards animals, 16 - Green tree Cutting, 17 - Lust, anger, greed, infatuation and ruin, 18 - From the kitchen to make their Had 19 - benefactor to protect animals, 20 - Amal, tobacco, cannabis, alcohol and sacrifice Neil, 21 - Do not castrated bulls.

Bishnoi man with deer eating image photo image

Bishnoi Tribe Jodhpur Rajasthan

Mostely Bishnoi cast  found in Jodhpur disrict. Here is high population of this tribe. This is simple tribe. Khejala and Mukam is famous holy places of this tribe. Every Bishnoi people must visit here in the life. Khejdala which famous for People who die for security of Khejadi tree. Every year here arganised big Eco friendly fair.

Bishnoi Villages Jodhpur Rajasthan

This community people mostly live in village and now its also a part of Rajasthan Tourism. They live with animals,farms and nature. They had special touch of nature. There villages is mostly identify by there unique dresses. They are fully know that how to use secure nature . There life style fully traditional.

Bishnoi village safari photo image wallpaper

Bishnoi Villages safari  Jodhpur Rajasthan

In last few year Here's village safari also famous in Rajasthan tourism. People very like this community and there rules and home also. Here you can watch forest animals like deer with man freedom without any fear. They gave food to deer by hand its awesome.
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