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Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

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Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu is located on Aravali hills mount abu Sirohi district.In the Rajasthan state, Here you will found many temples and here's Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu are very famous in the India. Rajasthan is a devotional state here are many famous temples of Hindus and Jain's both. Here had special architecture work,curve work with gorgeous look which nothing else. In the Rajasthan state above hundred famous. Mostely its located in Pali,Sirohi,Jaisalmer,Jalore and Jodhpur district.Its a devootees brief point and its also a focal point of Rajasthan tourism India.All are spread in all state area like desert and Aravli hils. Here most famous  are Dilwara in Mount abu Sirohi,Osian in Jodhpur,and Ranakpur's Jain temples Pali district.Some are build using whight marble and some are by local stones. Here some are very old like 1400 year old which is Osian famous Jain temples.

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About Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

In the Dilwara is a group of five famous Jain temples and its famous pilgrimage place of the Jains. Its located on oldest mountains of India Aravali hills Mount Abu in Sirohi district. Its real location is in top direction above tow kilometer from Mount Abu hills station. Its 11th and 13th centuries temples and its founded by Chalukya. Here are many temples. It is pure wight marble temple.Here's pillars, panels doorways,carved and ceilings is a great example of marvelous.Here man made great and beautiful  stone architecture you will never forgot.

Five Unique Jain Temples of Dilwara Abu

Here is not one there are beautifully with unique identity five temples here. All the names taken from village location.
Devoted to the first Tirthankara, Adinath. Vimal Vasahi,
Devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Neminatha.Luna Vasahi,
Devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Rishabha Pithalhar,
Devoted to the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshva.Parshvanath,
DEvoted to the last  Tirthankara, Mahavira.Mahavir Swami,
Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi is high famous in each five them

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Vimal Vasahi Jain temple

Its gorgeous wight marble temple is founded by Vimal Shah, Its build in 1031 A.D.Its devoted to the first Jain Tirthankara, Lord Adinath. Vimal Vasahi, Here you will found awesome curve stone work..Here is supported by 12 decorated pillars grand hall is called Rang Manda.Here's full decorated elephant lines are really very attractive.Here's all parts are fully carved.

Luna Vasahi Jain Temples

Its also beautiful,Its devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Lord Neminatha.Luna Vasahi, Its also a  magnificent in this group.Its founded by two Porwad brothers.they are minister. Its build in  in 1230 AD. Here you will found nine ceilings all are magnificent.

Pithalhar Jain Temple

Its also a beautiful and its a tourism point for visitor aand  Jain devotees focal pint. Its devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Lord Rishabha. Its build by Bhama Shah kavdia.Here is a Jain Tirthankara Rishabha Dev Adinath's massive metal statue.
Its also a grgeous temple. its Devoted to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshva. Lord Parshvanath, Its founded in 1458 to 1459 AD by Mandlik and his family.

Mahavir Swami Jain Temples

This was build in 1582 AD. Its dedicated to Lord Mahavira its a small temple but its had many attractive curve work on stones. Here is wall painting also its founded by a artist of Sirohi district.

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How To Reach Dilwada Jain Temple Mount Abu

Its located above 2 Km from Mount Abu hill station. Here you can visit every time. Its famous hills tourism int of Rajasthan state and Gujarat state both.The mount Abu is only one famous hill station of Rajasthan. Ist fully connect to Roadways. Its nearest railway station is Abu road. from Abu road to Mount Abu there are many govt and private bus services also. You can visit here using private car Distance from Mount Abu
  • Ahmadabad 222 Km 4 Hour 55 minutes
  • Delhi  740 Km 9 Hoour 40 Minutes
  • Jodhpur  270 Km 4 Hour 35 Minutes
  • Udaipur  164 Km 2 Hour 48 minutes
  • Jaislamer 440 Km 6 Hour 30 Minutes

Best time to visit Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

Here you can visit any time because here's weather is always suitable.In December here fall high cold 2 degree. So its not fair but July August is very better for visit here. You can choose real best time to visit here by origination local temples fair and festival.Thanks for visit our site.If any lines in this article are not acceptable in your community and If you wanna change some lines in this article please Contact us.
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