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Haunted Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan India

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In the Bhangarh fort who goes after sunset they never came back.Bhangarh fort s is located at in Alwar district of Rajasthan Sariska National Park on one end. Rajathan have many tourism places and all Rajasthan's tourism places have a different story.It is The downfall fort of Rajasthan  its also known as city of spooky  ghosts castle.Bhangarh name is popular in foreign countries and India for city of spooky  ghosts.Its located at Jaipur Alwar road Rajatshan.Its founder was king of Amer Maharaja Bhagawant Dass.Maharaja Bhagawant gifted this  to his son Madhavsingh or Madhosingh.He is brave man and also honest.

haunted Bhangarh picture

History of Haunted  Bhangarh Fort

Haunted Bhangarh  spooky castle was built in the seventeenth century. This fort build by Raja Man Singh's  younger brother Madho Singh .At the time of Akbar, Raja Madho Singh was posted to the rank of general in the army. On that time had a population of nearly 10,000. Alvar Bhangarh a magnificent fort located in the district that has been prepared in very large sizes.Bhangarh build by Bhagwan Dass he also founder of this town.Its founded in 1573 but now its a very Haunted Place India its palace of dangerous ghosts. Most Haunted Place India This heading really match and according to this article.A alone person may not visit here.Inside of this palace also looking like spooky and full of ghosts

Bhangarh Story Most Haunted city of Ghosts Place India

haunted Bhangarh fort picture and photo

Here the sun setting Ruhon is captured and started Orgy of death.I am sharing with you realy unbelievable Haunted place of India.In now days you can't trust about this but if you visit here i will sure trusted about this Haunted spooky ghost palace.There are many stories of spooky about this after read this article me sure you will trust about this.This great fort but its history is very bloody and Terrible.A Black Magic legend cursed to beautiful princess Ratnawati that you will die in few years and also will die all people they living in this fort and Black Magic legend was also cursed that they Will not take birth again after die and there all souls will linger in The Fort every time .In few month later happen a war between Ajaygarh and Bhangarh and in war all here's people was die.

Why is Bhangarh spooky ghosts Place ?

In the Bhangarh fort who goes after sunset they never came back.
ASI strict instructions that any buddy can't visit this are after sunset. After sunset , the area is prohibited any person  for to stop .Many people are troubled by Ruhon in this area .

Bhangarh fort is capture the Ruhon and Ghost

haunted Bhangarh fort rajsthan india  image picture

If any one visit here they feel presents of Ruhon and spooky ghost its true there are many sties which is trust that Bhangarh fort is India's Most Hunted place.People's were massacred in the fort that  Ruhen  still linger.Here women's cry and Kangan's voice clearly  can be hear.In the evening very silence in the fort remains but the eerie sound of someone high cry sudden boom is in the Haunted fort.So i think its a one of the best place of Rajasthan for tourism and for who wanna know something special things of world.and its also special palace who have hard and strong heart.If you wanna visit here in i suggest a advise please visit here with you group of friends, Reaing many stories bout this Haunted palace i suggest you please don't visit here alone.

How to Reach Trip To Bhangarh Fort

It is located in Alwar district of Rajatshan state.I
Nearest town is Alwar
Nearest Railway station Alwar
Nearest Airport  Jaipur
You can visit here by private and own car bus any.
Delhi to Bhangarh Distance is 207 km.

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