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Rajasthan desert Tourism India


Desert in Rajasthan India


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India is really very big country there are all seasons and also all geographical area.I share with you a famous desert part of India. Indian desert area known as Thar It is first and best tourism place of India.Here December to February Rajasthan tourism organize many fair and festival for visitors all fair and festivals are unique in the word and also very attractive Like as Marawad Mahotsav,Maru Mahotsva,Desert festival,Sum fair miss Moomal computation and many more.

Desert in India

Most of it is located in the Rajasthan state but its also found in  Hariyana,Panjab and small size in Gujarat.Its located in India's North-Western area with India - Pakistan Border.Its top in Indian tourism in last 3 years.Visitor feel better like as home town here.

Desert In Rajasthan

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Most and big part of Thar Desert is located in Rajasthan west north side which district are Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner,Jodhpur Its all included area known as Marwad.Jodhpur is entrance gate of Thar deset or Marwad of Rajasthan.Baramer and Jaisalmer all area are covered by Desert and Jodhpur and Bikaner's some area is covered.This are famous for there bravery,cultures,great king,Many Palaces,Fort,attractive heritages,there different style climate,Insects like as Scorpio,Snake winch is famous  snake Kobra.Its home of Black buck and ghajels Here ever rain and ever its Hot and high temperature area.In summer its temperature reached at above 50 c and in cold days its temperature increased about 0 c in nights.Here's people's main occupation is Animals which is camel,goat,sheep,cow.Camel is main animal which part of people's.

Culture of Thar Desert of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Thar culture is very attractive in India
Here's culture is very friendly and also very attractive.People wearing so simple and traditional dresses on top turban and loose shirt called chola and Loose Dhooti.and girls are wearing full mirror work top and ghaghra and on top Lahariya like as Shadi.Here's population are Hindu.
Festival of Rajasthan.God Lok Deveta is very famous in this area.Baba Ramdeo fair is biggest fair of Thar.

How to Reach Desert in Rajasthan India

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If you wanna visit India's best tourism place than Rajasthan Desert is best for you.Here's friendly culture and attractive land is very beautiful.Its mostely spread in four District of Rajsthan state which is Jaisalmer,Jodhpur,Barmer and Bikaner .

How to Reach Delhi To Jaisalmer

Here you can reach by Airway,raodways,Private taxi and by Train

Delhi to Jaisalmer daily train service Intercity express

Jaisalmer nearrest railway station Jaisalmer railway station

Bus station jaislmer bus station

Airport Jaisalmer airport

Delhi to Jodhpur

Delhi to Jodhpur Daily Tran,Bus,and Airways services

Nearest Jodhpur Railways station

Jodhpur Railway station,Raika Bag railways station.

Nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport

If You wanna visit Barmer you use any way from jaisalmer and Jodhpur

Best of Visit Desert of Rajasthan

Here best visiting time is October to March is very fair.

In This time Rajasthan Government organized many desert fair and Festival.

Now here's climate is suitable.

For more detail of local culture and weather send us SMS In Hindi or any Language.

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