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True Bappa Rawal History and Biography

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Bappa Rawal History and Biography

Rajasthan is famous for there bravery and here's golden words history. The Bappa Rawal or Kalbhoj also a great man and Imperial ruler which is very famous in Rajasthan history. He was belonged to Mewad region and he was also founder of this emperor.He was eighth ruler of Rajput Dynasty( Guhilot )  If in India Mahatma Gandhi is very famous like that this Mewad Imperial ruler also famous in Rajasthan. Name meaning of Bappa is Bapu like Mahatma Gandhi. He was great king of Mewar Dynasty. His real name was not Bappa Rawal his name was Kalbhoj but inspire his great work for humanity and for country conferred the title Bappa. So he is very famous in Rajput community and also all Rajasthan.
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Bappa Rawal and Mewad

Mewad is very famous Dynasty. There history and kings are very attractive and inseparable. there Mahrana Pratap, maharana Khumbha and many more are had a special place in Indian great people history. Why Mewad's king was an example of valor, bravery, heroine, hardihood, pluck, stoutness,courage, adventure, daring, boldness, stuffing, bravery,masculinity, bravery ? Its main reason is because  there first  Rajput founder was like Kalbhoj. Here's all kings was follow older kings law. So they like freedom.

Bappa Rawal  Biography

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Bappa Rawal born in 713 in region of Nagada. We don't know correct time we also get this birth information from encyclopedia.His father name was Rawal Mahindra 2. He was a Gahalot dynasty. Rwal Mahindra was 7th ruler of Guhilot dynasty.When he was only 3 year old in 716 his father Mahendra guhilot assassinated. That story he was listen by his aaya and Bheel Kabila (tribe). For security of Bappa Rawal and his mother's Bheel Kabila (tribe) took into safe place. His wife is nice and beautiful princess on that time. she was play nice role in there life. When he was 18 year old he taken ownership of  Chittod.Bappa rawal was lost in Nagada and his  mausoleum  also located in Nagad. In his life he was fight with Muslim attacker and also get victory.

Bappa Rawal  and Bheel Tribe (Kbila)

If you read complete history of Bappa Rawal  than you will know that Bheel Tribe was do many help of this great king. When his father  Mahendra Guhilot assassinated by some bad mans. When Bappa Rawal only 3 year old. He and his mother was not secure on that time. She was can't do anything for security of his son. He was totally helpless on That time Bheel Tribe (Kbila) helped Bappa Rawal and his mother. They took both into safe place.  Some best  Warriors  and Bheel Tribe (Kbila) taught him war skills, military  and all useful battle tips and trick. So on that time Bheel tribes also calledA char of Bharat.

Bappa Rawal Coins

Bappa Rawal  image,picture,,photo,wallpaper hd

Dr. Gauri Shankar Hirachand Ojha agree that Ajmer's golden coin is considered by Bapa Rawal.There is trident. On left side of coin there is a Trisul and right side Shivling. On coin there is stand a cow  calf is weaned.There is a also sun sign and roof sign. Also according this we can say that Bappa Rawal was a powerful and Imperial ruler of Mewad.For more information and suggestion please  give  us one msg in Hindi or English on contact page.

About Bappa Rawal Article

All information which written on this article are taken from many articles. There are not prefect information about Born and Biography. So we have not prefect information. If you think some information its not true or not right please contact us we will solve this. If you know more about  Biography and other information you can wright for us we will also post with your name.
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