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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Om Banna Chotila Pali Temple Bike motorcycle

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Om Banna Dham Chotila Pali Bullet Baba

Om Banna  Dham  Pali Chotila History How to reach Om banna Dham pali or,bullet baba Om Banna Ji Where worship a motorcycle, Here is a fact any people who pray here for there desire problem for solve its done in few Day by Om Banna.Me also visit here with my friends Jai Ho Om Banna...
om banna video picture

hipped a Person with  Motorcycle .Variations filled India country worshiped gods, humans, animals, birds and trees  its so common but i am share with you a special and also holy place there is worshiped a person with with his Bullet Motorcycle who die in accident with his Bullet Motorcycle.People ask there prayer to God Om Banna also ask to his Bullet motorcycle.
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Where is Om Banna Dham Chotila

Om Banna Dham is located near by jodhpur district, You will see this holy place Pli to jodhpur highay its 20 km far to Jodhpur District. When you will visit here you will see like a small fair, You can easily understad  that this is that place, Here you will see many pictures  and, many music song of Om banna.

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Bullet Baba Om Banna History

om banna motercycle video photo picture

Om Banna real name is Om singh Rathore, He was from a Royal Rathore family Chottila pali Rajsthan state .He was born in Chotila village of Pali. He was a son of Thakur Jog Singh village leader of Chottila village.He is  very famous in Rajpoot community and also all community of Rajasthan for there Paracha ( A magic solve peoples problem in few minutes  or day given by Om Banna Ji)
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About Om Banna Dham

Om Banna Dham chotila located in Rohit's Rajasthan state Pali district, Its small village, But now its progressing to fast,  Actually here is no more population. Its on highway, So most truck drivers and others drivers worship him.

History Bullet motorcycle of Om Banna

om banna motercycle video picture

Om Singh Rathore Om Banna Dham Chotila Pali Bullet Baba was have a 350 cc Bullet Motorcycle. In about 1991 Om Banna was going on there motorcycle but  his motorcycle was accident and he was die on spot. After Accident police took seized there Motorcycle in police station for Police formality.But at night motorcycle was automatically start and he was going on accident spot. All police man shocked to this magic,for stop the Bike  they were full emptied the motorcycle fuel tank.but next morning they was found bike on accidental place.
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Now Om Banna Dham Chottila Pali

After Magic of Om Banna and his motorcycle now its famous holy palace in Marawad Area.Its all time open for there devotes.By magic of Om Banna Now here road accident very decreased.Its known as Om Banna Dham or Bullet Baba Dham.

How to Reach om Banna Dham

Bullet Baba Dham chotila is very near to Jodhpur you can any time time visit here.
Raodways  Jodhpur to Pali
Jai Ho Om Banna Dham

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

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Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu is located on Aravali hills mount abu Sirohi district.In the Rajasthan state, Here you will found many temples and here's Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu are very famous in the India. Rajasthan is a devotional state here are many famous temples of Hindus and Jain's both. Here had special architecture work,curve work with gorgeous look which nothing else. In the Rajasthan state above hundred famous. Mostely its located in Pali,Sirohi,Jaisalmer,Jalore and Jodhpur district.Its a devootees brief point and its also a focal point of Rajasthan tourism India.All are spread in all state area like desert and Aravli hils. Here most famous  are Dilwara in Mount abu Sirohi,Osian in Jodhpur,and Ranakpur's Jain temples Pali district.Some are build using whight marble and some are by local stones. Here some are very old like 1400 year old which is Osian famous Jain temples.

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

About Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

In the Dilwara is a group of five famous Jain temples and its famous pilgrimage place of the Jains. Its located on oldest mountains of India Aravali hills Mount Abu in Sirohi district. Its real location is in top direction above tow kilometer from Mount Abu hills station. Its 11th and 13th centuries temples and its founded by Chalukya. Here are many temples. It is pure wight marble temple.Here's pillars, panels doorways,carved and ceilings is a great example of marvelous.Here man made great and beautiful  stone architecture you will never forgot.

Five Unique Jain Temples of Dilwara Abu

Here is not one there are beautifully with unique identity five temples here. All the names taken from village location.
Devoted to the first Tirthankara, Adinath. Vimal Vasahi,
Devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Neminatha.Luna Vasahi,
Devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Rishabha Pithalhar,
Devoted to the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshva.Parshvanath,
DEvoted to the last  Tirthankara, Mahavira.Mahavir Swami,
Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi is high famous in each five them

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

Vimal Vasahi Jain temple

Its gorgeous wight marble temple is founded by Vimal Shah, Its build in 1031 A.D.Its devoted to the first Jain Tirthankara, Lord Adinath. Vimal Vasahi, Here you will found awesome curve stone work..Here is supported by 12 decorated pillars grand hall is called Rang Manda.Here's full decorated elephant lines are really very attractive.Here's all parts are fully carved.

Luna Vasahi Jain Temples

Its also beautiful,Its devoted to the 22nd  Tirthankara, Lord Neminatha.Luna Vasahi, Its also a  magnificent in this group.Its founded by two Porwad brothers.they are minister. Its build in  in 1230 AD. Here you will found nine ceilings all are magnificent.

Pithalhar Jain Temple

Its also a beautiful and its a tourism point for visitor aand  Jain devotees focal pint. Its devoted to the first  Tirthankar, Lord Rishabha. Its build by Bhama Shah kavdia.Here is a Jain Tirthankara Rishabha Dev Adinath's massive metal statue.
Its also a grgeous temple. its Devoted to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshva. Lord Parshvanath, Its founded in 1458 to 1459 AD by Mandlik and his family.

Mahavir Swami Jain Temples

This was build in 1582 AD. Its dedicated to Lord Mahavira its a small temple but its had many attractive curve work on stones. Here is wall painting also its founded by a artist of Sirohi district.

Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu Rajasthan image

How To Reach Dilwada Jain Temple Mount Abu

Its located above 2 Km from Mount Abu hill station. Here you can visit every time. Its famous hills tourism int of Rajasthan state and Gujarat state both.The mount Abu is only one famous hill station of Rajasthan. Ist fully connect to Roadways. Its nearest railway station is Abu road. from Abu road to Mount Abu there are many govt and private bus services also. You can visit here using private car Distance from Mount Abu
  • Ahmadabad 222 Km 4 Hour 55 minutes
  • Delhi  740 Km 9 Hoour 40 Minutes
  • Jodhpur  270 Km 4 Hour 35 Minutes
  • Udaipur  164 Km 2 Hour 48 minutes
  • Jaislamer 440 Km 6 Hour 30 Minutes

Best time to visit Dilwara Jain Temples Mount Abu

Here you can visit any time because here's weather is always suitable.In December here fall high cold 2 degree. So its not fair but July August is very better for visit here. You can choose real best time to visit here by origination local temples fair and festival.Thanks for visit our site.If any lines in this article are not acceptable in your community and If you wanna change some lines in this article please Contact us.
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Most Famous Temples in rajasthan India

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Rajasthan is state of famous temples,here are many famous temples which is Jain temples,Ramdev temples,Balaji temple,Salasae balaji, Here are many old and new goddess and cultural and many type traditional. All these had so attractive.Some are very old which is build in 4th to 6th century and also there architecture is gorgeous,some are are famous for there high devotees traffic and some are famous for there magic so all have different style and its also a tourism  focal point in  the Rajasthan.State There many holy places which had also so attractive with nice architecture

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Temples in Rajasthan

Mostly here's are divided in tow part which is First -Famous Hindu Temples of Rajasthan and second is Famous Jain temples. Both are have special palace in Rajasthan tourism.Jain's are famous for there attractive architecture and there social architecture and Hindu temples also famous for there awesome architecture and for there high devotees traffic so both are gorgeous for devotees and tourism.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Famous Jain temple in Rajasthan

In the Rajasthan here are high amount above thousand jain temple is found here.mortally its found in middle state and west- south side.Some beautifull are Ranakpur Pali,Dilwada  Mount Abu, Chomukha, Shre mahaverji,Osian(osiya) Jodhpur, Rishbhdev,Juna Shree Nakoda all are special for there marble stone special curve design.

Famous Jain temple list in Rajasthan

Bamotar Shantinath Pratapgarh,Tijara  Alwar, Rishabhdeo Jain,Shri Chintamani Jain  Bagol,Chand Khedi, Jhalawar, Rajasthan,Shri Chintamani Parswanath Barmer Dilwara , Soniji Ki Nasiyan Ajmer,Mount Abu, Distict sirohi,Ranakpur Pali,Shri Mahavirji located in district Sawai Madhopur, Sanganer (Sanghiji) Jaipur,Golden jain,Falna,Pali,Shri 1008 Munisubrat Nath Jain Jaipur.These are some spacial jain  of Rajasthan,here are many other jain's and they are also attractive.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Famous Hindu temple in Rajasthan

Like as Jain temple in Rajasthan also have high amount of belief point of Hindu devotees.Here some are famous for there devotees crowd and some are famous for there magic,special architecture, for gorgeousness,height,so if you visit here than make sure you must visit here's temples also.

Famous Hindu temple list in Rajasthan

Osian scahiyay Mataji - This is also an oldest and famous in Hindu's and Jain both its located in osian village 60 km from Jodhpur district, Its sixth century.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd imageRamdevra Ramdevji - Its hugest famous temple of Lok devta Baba Ramdev Ji,Here all time devotees congestion occurs.Above many lake devotees came here in every fair.

Barhma Temple Puskar- There are many devotees point in Pusker but Barmha's mandir is most attractive in India also in world its also attractive for there natural beauty and for puskar holy lake. 

Charbhuja -It is a famous of  south east side rajasthan,Its located in Kumbhalgarh tehsil. Its build in 1444 AD.Its also belief point of hindu devotees and also in tourism.

Raghunath Ji- This is famous of north side of Rajasthan,Its located in Sikar district,Its build by Rao Raja Shiv Singh in (1721–1748).

Salasar BalaJi Dham- Its also devotess temple of Hindu. Here is famous Dham of Salasar balaji Hanuman Ji.Its located in salasar village in Sujangarh village Rajasthan.

GaltaJi Jaipur - Its very nice place for devotees, Its a gorgeous,Here you will find monkeys and here's natural beauty really so attractive many visitor came here every year. This state is full of many architecture all are different style so if you visit India make sure please must visit this state because this state have many attraction of tourism.
Thanks for visit my site,If you have any special article about Rajasthan or about India,You can summit us we will public here with you name and contact,You can post for us using guest post.
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

khajuraho India temple History and full guide

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Khajuraho is beautiful and famous historical city. its famous for there ancient and medieval temples  Its located in  Chatrapur district Madhya Pradesh state of India in middle.Its a group of Hindu and Jain temple .Its Highly famous tourism place of India per year many lakes vistor is visit here. India is really awesome country there many amusing example for this like as Khajuraho temples, Here you will find amusing architecture of India Nothing like else .In the India temple architecture really  all Khajuraho complex remains unique.Its one thousand year old architecture in 950 AD to 1050 AD .Its founder was King of Chandrel  and it was also capital of Chandrel kings.For more guide  us a Sms in Hindi or English. Sure we will reply your msg,

khajuraho pictures image photo

History of khajuraho Temples India

Khajuraho history is about 1000 year old.Its founder was chandra verman he is also founder of chandrel dynasty .chandra verman was also a Rajpoot king of bundelkhand.They believe that they are dynasty Chandra(Goddess Moon) called Chandravansi.Its constructed in  950 AD to 1050 AD by King of Chandrel.when its architecture  was completed they move there capital Lucknow but its architectural beauty its always famous that and now also.

Story of Khajuraho

khajuraho pictures and imageChadrel birth history define by great medieval court poet Chandra Bardai in Prithviraj Raso,He wrote that daughter of Kashi Rajpandit Hemwati is a gorgeous and so day in summer moon night she was going in lotus pond for swim,In the sky Chandra(moon)God was watching them.The Chndra God was became fascinated by Hemwati beauty on them.He change his
 body god to to like a simple man and Divestiture of Hemwati but unfortunately Hemwati was a widow and she was also have a child.The hemwati charged on Chandra dev that you are  assassination destroyed and character my Life.For remorse for there mistake Chandra Deo special promised that Hemwati would be the mother of a great heroic son.And tell him after birth this child you must went Khajuraho. There will this child constructed many beautiful temple garden.Like this Chandrel was birthed by hemwati and like this Khajuraho was founded.

Best Tourism places Khajuraho Temple India

There are many goup of beautiful stone architectural temples.When a British engineer TS Burt visit temple of Khjuraho than its large group of temples also known Western Group.Its most beautiful places of Khajuraho all these places UNESCO was listed in world Heritage.
I share with you most beautiful temples

Kandriya Mahadev temple

Here are the most Gemini figures outside temple is about 646 and inside of temple about 246 Gemini figures Its founder was Vidhyadhar in memory of victory on Muhammad Gajni in  1050ad.Its a Shiva temple Its high is 107feet.Its for highly energetic Gemini.
khajuraho hd image and photo

Sigh or Loin temple

This temple about expression is characterized by deep sensitivity of sex .Its near by Kadriya temple it is Godess Jagdamba temple its build in 1000 AD to 1025 AD

Surya Chitragupt Temple

This temple founder was King of Chtrapur Maharaj Pratap Singh in
1843 to 1847 Ad. It is only one surya temple in is seen feet tall God surya stachu, here is also God eleven-headed statue of Vishnu really nice.

Viswanath temple

It is also God Shiva temple build in 1002 to 1003 Ad .Really its most famous temple of Khajuraho.This temple length is 89' and width is 45 feet.

Nandi temple

Its located near by Visanath temple,Its also vey nice temple. and others many temple which Parvati temple,Bavan temple,Jain temple,Jawari temple .

khajuraho temple photo

Light and sound show  of Khajuraho

Every evening there is organized a Light and sound show with voice of famous star Amitab Bachan.In this show demonstrate all Khajuraho temple History and all stories .This Light and sound show is full of guide for this tourism palace.In  September to February it organized in English  language and time is every  7:50 to 7 pm  and for
Hindi language  8 pm to 9 pm.

September to February   7:50 to 7 pm English    8 pm  to 9 pm Hindi
March to August           7:30 to 8:20 English      8:40pm to 9:30 pm Hindi

How to Reach Visit Khajuraho  Temple India

 Khajuraho is connected with all big cities of India
khajuraho photo and image * Nearest Airport is Khajuraho
* Major  railway station Mahoba
* Distance  from    Khajuraho
* Allahabad to 269 km* Satna   to 115  km
* Jhansi  to 175  km
* Kanpur  to 216  km
* Gwalior to 274 km
* Lucknow to 307 km
* Bhopal  to 374 km
* Agra    to 392 km
* Delhi   to 598 km

Best Visit Time for Khajuraho Temple India

Here you can visit any time but Best Time of Visit Khajuraho Temples India between  September to March.Its fair weather for Visit Khajuraho Temples India.Here March to July is hot summer climate and July to Agust is Mansun Rainy days so best time to visit for Khajuraho Temples India September to March

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala Osian Jodhpur

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Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Jodhpur

Gala Bhomiya is traditional or lok devta of Rajasthan. Gala Bhomiya's Than or temple is located in Padasala village,near osian village district of Jodhpur. Gala Bhomiya ji Padasala is famous in among all west Rajasthan area mostly in Jodhpur district state of Rajasthan.Here all time looking like a fair.his real name was Ragudas Ji.
gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Rajasthan

Than means a temple without roof. Its a traditional name and its related to Rajasthan's culture.Than is regional name of here's culture.Its not fully decorated. Its had little hight more than 5 feet or 10 feets . Padasala than's height is about 8 feet. It full of wight flags of  Bomia Ji with a symbol of Foot prints.
On The bomiya Ji Maharaj's Than you will find constantly holy burning flame. Here people offered Coconuts,pure ghee,Wine and goat, oblation and many more.They will requested there problem and issue here and by magic of Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala it will solve sure.

Gala Bhomiya JI Padasala Osian History

gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

We have not correct information date of birth We were get all information from Rajasthan folk songs according to folk songs he was birth 100 year after of Baba Ramdev birth so he was birth about 400 year ago in village of Rungarh  district of Jodhpur on chandali 14 according to Hindu calendar.His father name is Beenjraj Chohan.He was son of Mohal chohans.He was protector, defender, keeper, savior, life saver, intercessor of cows.

Why give Gala Bhomiya JI or Bhomia name ?

Bhomiya means great fighter who die in battle for as defender intercessor,protector, life saver,  keeper, savior for humanity or cows or any for save humans. After die inspiration of there bravery and symbol of great bravery people call him Bomiya or Bhomia. Before die Gala Bhomiya JI's real name was Ragudas but they will fight to Mena cast people constantly 14 days without Head,During battle there head was fall down at another village and there body was constantly fighting to Mena at last Mena accept there lose and run away and Gala Bhomiya JI's body fall in Padasala village, After death inspiration of there special magic they was begging very famous among peopleand now people worship him.People offered coconut,agarbati,pure ghee many sweets

Bhopa of Gala Bhomiya Ji Padasala

gala bhomiya ji padasala osian jodhpur image,wallpaper,photo

Bhopa is a real sadhu's of Gala Bhomia JI.Bhomia Ji give him special magic and they have special power on environment they solve peoples problem. They are give connection between Bomiya Ji and comment peoples.Bhopa hits each other by chains but they feel not pain because its magic of God Gala Bhomiya JI.

How to reach Gala Bhomiya JI Than Padasala Osian Jodhpur

Gala Bhomiya JI Than or Temple located at Padasala village.Padasala is a small village nearest big town is Osian. From osian to distance of Gala bhomia Ji Than distance is about 16 km. Here you can choose private taxi its better.beacouse there no daily bus or roadways service for visit here.

How to reach Gala Bhomiya Ji from Jodhpur

If you wanna visit here first you reach in Jodhpur district than go Osian village here you can choose train and bus service both here,after osian to Padalsala you must choose private taxi its better.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sundha Mata Temple Tirth Jalore Bhilmal Rajasthan India

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Sundha Mata Temple Tirth  Jalore Bhilmal Rajasthan

 Sundha Mata Temple is 900 year old and its located on Aravali hills Jalore district of Rajasthan state.Sundha mata temple height is 1220 meter,it was made by wight marble on Navaratra here organized Sundha Mata fair or festival . During on Navratra tourist and devotees came here from all around India and nearby areas and  Gujarat state comes in hug mass.Here you will many attraction for tourism and also for devotees of goddesses Chamunda Devi.This temple have real natural touch of Aravali hills.

 sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

Sundha Mata Temple Jalore Bhinmal Location

This is located on top area of Aravali hills means its located on hilltop called Sundha in areal language.Its very old temple,its build about 900 year ago with special curve work of  wight marble stones.Its loacted in Jalore district state of Rajasthan near by Bhinmal Tehsil of Jalore.

History Sundha Mata Temple Jalore

sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

In the temple area there are three most and important historical significant inscriptions.All are not fully about here's history but some lines tell that its temple 900 year old.

Garaba Dandiya fair Sundha Mata Jalore

During Navratra of Aswin according to Hindu's calender and according International calendar its came on about August month here is originated very big fair and festival which most attraction of  Gujrati famous Folk dance Dandiya. Many devotees and visitor stay here for nine days of Navratra time.They pray and whirship chamunda Devi or Shunda Mata. On that time here location really so beautiful with attractive Gujrati Garba Music.You will never forget it.

Sundha Mata  Wildlife sanctuary Jalore

Here is a small wildlife century with beautiful natural look.Here is many attraction for visitor. In rainy days you will many water falls with musical sound of water and many small rainy rivers.This sanctuary full Rajasthan deers and many types birds.

Ropeway (Udan Khatola) Sundha Mata Jalore

sundha mata temple bhilmal jalore image,photo wallpaper,

Its started in few year ago.Now its most tourism attraction of Sundha Mata Temple. Its build for climb Sundha mata hilltop.because its very high climb by stairs its difficult but using Ropeway or Udan Khatola its going to very interesting.Its build by Sundha mata temple trust.Using this you can enjoy real look of natural or Aravali Hills.For this you will pay 75 rupees only.800 meter is length of ropway.

Hotels Amenities Sundha Mata Temple Jalore

There are no big very hotels but here you can stay in many type small hotels. They will give all type facilities or Amenities that you wanna.On hilltop you will find a big hotel and many small hotels with low rate.

How to reach Sundha Mata Temple Bhinmal Jalore

On fair or Navratra time there are arranged many travel  for journey or visit here.Jalore is District so its fully connected with all ways so you first reach Jalore than you can choose by your self .
Distance from
Ahmadabad- 280 Km   Mount Abu  -  104 Km  
Udaipur   - 185 km   Bhinmal - 35 km
Jalore    - 105 Km

Final Words

Thanks for visit our site for real Rajsthan tourism complete guide and for awesome unique article please keep visit our site.You may also like famous osian shree sachiyay temple please click here for guide osian tourism and temple and many more about tourism.                                                                 
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer Rajasthan India

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Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer 

In the Rajasthan state you will found many Hindu and Jain temples, Rajasthan is devotional state there are many famous and historical Jain and Hindu temples. It is most beautiful example of this. Its located in west side in Rajasthan state in Nakoda village of Barmer district.Its village name was different in past its changing with time but its some historical name are Maheva and Virumpura also. Its also a big focal point of Jain devotee.  Its also special for Rajasthan tourism. here;s architecture and art is very attractive.Here images are very famous. 

 Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

About Nakoda Jain Temple

If you visit here you will never forgot it. Its a pure white marble temple with nicely curve stone works are very attractive. In all Rajasthan  famous for there architecture all are different with beautiful stone work.This temple is rare example of sculptural elegance and Architectural.Its also famous in Hindu community. Every year many Hindu devotee are visit this holy place also.
Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

Nakoda Parsvanath Jain Temple History

Nokoda village is locates in bermer district Rajasthan. Its government or official village name is Mevanagar. Means Mevanagar name in government record of like now. If  you read this history there are many name which are the  Maheva Viramapura and Nagara. When here made a this due to its popularity name changed to in now name. Its very holy place of its related community.Here is a famous in the lotus position God Parshva. Here is a 58 cm miracle black idol of God Parshva.

Nakoda Jain Temple Architecture

Its architecture is Jain architecture . Its  a fabulous example of Jain architecture. It build by white marble stone with attractive curve work. Here's main temple Shree Parsvanath idol also gorgeous. Its a black 58 cm idol with full of attractive work. Its famous miracle place of Rajasthan. So its higher famous holy place.

How to Reach Nakoda Jain Temple Rajasthan Barmer

Parsvanath nakoda jain temple,photo,image,picture,wallpaper

If you wanna visit The this holy palace you can visit here easily. Its located in Barmer district's 13 km from Balotra town with hills and forest like area but here you will found many transportation from Balotra town.You can visit here any time. But summer is very hot. So August to March is very fair for visit here. You can choose you visiting time according here fair and festivals.
Nearest Airport is Jodhpur only 110 km 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Nearest railway is Balotra  only 13 Kms 15 Minutes

If you wanna by Road way than distance of big city from Nakoda

Udaipur 260 Km  4 Hour 40 Minutes     Balotra 13 Km 15 Minutes Barmer 110 Km   1 Hour 45 Minutes     Jodhpur 110 Km 1 Hour 45
Tirth Dham Shree Pavapuri 180 Km      Jaipur 

Nearest Famous temple from Nakoda

Its is located near by Balotara town,there are some famous tourism and Holy places also of Hinduism also. Shree Pavapuri Tirth Dham is located 180 km from here. Here also passing Looni river of Rajasthan. Here is also a holy temple of Jasol Mata Ji. Its located in in Jasol village in Pachpadra town district of Barmer. Jasol to Nakoda distance is only 4 km so you can also visit this holy and famous temple.
For other Rajasthan famous you may like also with complete Guide
Dilwada         Osian
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Monday, 3 February 2014

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji Ramdevra rajasthan

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Baba Ramdevra Rajasthan Ramdev Temple

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Picture Photo image
Baba Ramdev
Ramdevra is a small town of Jaisalmer.Its located in north side of Pakaran about 11 kilometer.This is  a holy palace of Hindus and also for Muslim community.Here is a famous Lok devata  Baba Ramdeo Ji temple.This town also called Runicha.Ramdevra village name took in memory of Ramdev Ji Who live on penance(samadhi) here in 1459 AD and also here many Samadhi  of Ramdev Ji Devotees.Send us a Msg in Hindi English  for more detail.

Ram sarowar Ramdevra Talab Pond

Here is a famous and holy pond also known Ramsarower Talab.Devotees shrink here for clean there sin,misdoing,wickedness,guilt,immorality because this water have a magic for clean of these unwanted things of life.This very big holy pond its build by Baba Ramdev in that for arrange drinking water for people.This is a about 50 feet deep pond.Its also famous for there high walls build around the Ramsarower Talab or Holy Ramsarower Pond.

Baba Ramdev Rajasthan Mandir

Lok Devta Baba Ramdev fair mela Picture Photo image

Ramdevra village founder was Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji and its village name took from Baba Ramdev Ji's name. He was born in 1405 in Barmer District Shive Tahashil.Muslim Devotees called him Ramapeer and Ramdevji also known part of God Krishna means Krishna Avatar.He was son of local king Maharaja Ajmal Ji.He was killed giant monster Beru..Monster Beru  is very power full giant he was eat live people. Lok Devta Baba Ramdev Ji was do many work for humanity.

Runicha Ramdevra Temple

In Ramdevra have a Ramdev temple.Its top in  high famous temple's of Rajasthan. Here came very high amount of devotees in many lakhs.Its very high. People came here journey by foot from thousand kilometer.Near above 200 km roads full due to by foot journey of Baba Ramdev Ji devotees. This is amazing. It happen in Bhadva Month about August month.

Ramdevra Mela Fair

This is a highly crowed fair in Rajasthan.Its came in bhadrapada month according to Hindu's calender and according to international calendar its came in August month.In this month here came Baba Ramdev Ji's devotees in large amount.All devotees came different state of India but manly came from local Rajasthan,Gujrat,Madhya Pradesh,Utter Pradesh using by train,bus,bicycle,and by foot.Mainly this is a 11 day's fair but it will continue 2 month.

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Runicha

When any tourist,visitor and devotees wanna journey to Ramdevra when Jodhpur came first big city on the way.Jodhpur is big city and also connect with all big Indian cities by Airway,Railway and roadways.Here you can select any of these way for Ramdevra.
Lok Devta Baba Ramdev train Picture Photo image

Jodhpur to Ramdevra Train

Distance is 189 km or  3 hour
Distance is 189 km or  3 hour In fair or Mala time Jodhpur Jone arranged many mela special trans for Ramdevra to Jodhpur..Here you will found every hour  at rain for this.Here you can choose also roadways and private bus service also.
For Delhi 659 km or 9 hour 45 minutes
Intercity express daily service.
For Bikaner

You can reach here from bikaner by train daily serves.
At last Ramsapeer Ki Jay
For Latest train Timing Send a sms.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Karni Mata Rat Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

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Karni Mata Temple and Rat Temple

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Rajasthan is devotional area in India which is a most prefect example is Karni Mata Temple here worship goddess Karni mata and also here worshiped white Rats. Its devotees Belief of Charan cast peoples and also for other casts.In the Rajasthan state there are many temple all are very famous all around India and all had special and unique thing for there publicity.Some are famous for there oldest architecture, some are famous for special curve work,some are famous for there location Sundha Mata temple some are famous for there high level devotees crowd and all about to these This is famous for Goddess and There 20000 white and simple Rats that is awesome and really its unique in India and all around the wold also.

Karni Mata Deshnoke History

Karni Mata's old name or birth name was Ridhubai She was 7th doughtier of his father. she was born in 2 October 1387 .His father name was Mehoji Charan and his mother Deval Devi.He was born in Jodhpur district in Suwp village. His this name given by his aunt.At the age of six, she was miraculously treat her aunt of an disease. Karni means miraculously woman. At very young age she was married with Dipoji charan village sathika.The Dipoji was died in 1453.

White rat of Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Here's most attraction is white rats its also belief point of  Deshnoke Bikaner. Here you will found many rats with good health. Here is above 20000 thousand rats.All are also devotees Belief point.Here's rats no spread any disease like plague in history its magic of his.Legend has it that all rats of this temple's are son of Karni mata. Rats eating food called holly food. Here devotees eating with rats. Its realy unique and best example of belief in India.

Karni mata Mathania Kolayat Rao Jodha Bikaji

Karni Mata's first temple build by his devotees Amara Charan in Mathania village near by 32 km from Jodhpur district. Mathania is famous Charan's cast village and its also famous for there mirchi. In the kolayat village there is also famous temple of this.

How to reach Karni mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Bikaner is famous tourism and Namkeen product city of Rajasthan state. Its is the big district of Rajasthan its fully connected with roadways,airway and railways. Here you can reach using any above. Here you will found daily travel services of train bus and airplanes also you can visit here using private taxi or own car etc.
karnimata temple deshnoke Bikaner image,photo,wallpaper

Distance from Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke

From Delhi   473 km 7 hour 20 minutes
From Jaipur  343 km  5 hour 21 minutes
From Udaipur 443 km 7 hour 12 minutes
From  Agra   574 km  8 hour 50 minutes

From Jodhpur 220 Km  3 hour 50 minutes

Best time Visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke Bikaner

Deshnoke is located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan state and its also located in Rajasthan desert area so its hot climate not very suitable to all so if you  wanna visit Karni Mata Temple Deshnoke than October to March is very suitable time for you. You can visit here at August to September its also best according here's fair and festival of local area.
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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ranakpur Jain Temple Pali Rajasthan

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Ranakpur Jain Temple Pali Rajasthan

Ranakpur Jain Temple is one of most beautiful Adinatha's temple of Rajasthan, It was also nominated in top 77 Wonders of the World. In Seven wonder of wold contest. Its a famous holy place of Jainism. Its also famous pilgrimage of Jainism. You know Rajasthan is one of  popular devotion, constancy, trust ness, faith, reverence, devoutness state of India. Here many Hinduism and Jainism , Which are spread in all district, Some are very old about before 600 AD, and they are also beautiful and great example of architecture. Its part of all religions devotees pilgrimage and also a big part of Rajasthan tourism. Ranakpur also a famous Jain temple and its top in Rajasthan top 5 list. One you visit this great holy place you will feel it.For more guide give  us a Sms in Hindi or English.

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur is a small and holy village of Pali distinct of  Rajasthan state. Its located near by Sadari Town of Desuri tehsil. Its a Aravali hills range also. Its famous for Adinatha  Its a spectacular light colored marble architecture. Its fabulous example of Jainism architecture. If you visit Rajasthan state must see this spectacular of India. Its also called temple of pillars because its staining on 1444 spectacular light colored marble and its also have 108 head which made it awesome awesome and also holy place of India with better look. Every year above many thousand visitor and devotee came here.

Ranakpur Jain temple Architecture

This is great example of Jainism architecture, There is attractive 1444 pillars 29 halls and 80 domes.  It's approximately standing area is 60 x 62 meters. Its over on 1444 fabulous pillars. All pillars are made by white marble. Here is  108 snakes heads also with numerous tails which gave this awesome and also beautiful look. The Ranakpur  with its distinctive turrets, shikhara, cupolas and domes rises majestically from the slope of a hill. Here is a beautiful ideal of  God Adinatha and many holy sign also.Here is also 24 Tirthankaras ideal also. If you watch this from front you will catch its gorgeousness in your eyes and never forgot.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Ranakpur Jain temple History

In under direction of Seth Dharna Shah The Ranakpur was founded in the 15th century. There are no any prefect founded history of  Ranakpur Jain temple History. Its many time renovated. There are some documented in a 1437 CE copper-plate record. Which related to its construction history. Its construction started in under patronage of  Maharana Khumha the ruler of Mewad.  He was founder of 84 fort in Rajasthan. He was ruler of Mewad in 15 century.

Ranakpur Jain Temple Timings

Ranakpur Timing is different for Non Jainism and for other visitor, If you are going for as a tourist than your visiting time is After 12 noon to 5 PM.  For visitor and tourism its open only 12 Pm to 5 pm only. On 12 pm to 5 pm you can enjoy here photography and all. Means 12 noon to 5 pm its open for non Jainism. I get this information from many article if there is new schedules please comment below i will add new timing.

Famous Temple in rajasthan image ,picture,photo,wallpaper,hd image

Ranakpur Jain Temple Distance and Climate

Here you can visit any time but according to here weather climate Best Season for visit this Rajasthan's holy place is September to March month , You can also choose according to here's local fair and festival
55 cm seasonal Rainfall
Temperature 20.0 degree C 10.6 degree C in Winter
Temperature 22.0 degree C 42.0 degree  in Summer

Distance from Ranakpur

Falana 35 km Its nearest railway station of Ranakpur Jain
Mount Abu  89  Km     

Udaipur    292 Km
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Amritsar golden temple india

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Amritsar Golden Temple of India

Amritsar Golden Temple is top holy and tourist place in india for visitor and devotees  The Amritsar golden temple is most famous holy place of India,Its also known Darbar sahib,Harmandir Sahib.Its is located in old town area of Amritsar in Punjab stat India.It is famous and this a prominent Sikh Gurdwara.This great holy  prominent Sikh Gurdwara build by 5th Sikh Guru Arjun.Its build in December 1585 to August 1604.This is Sikh architecture style. This is great and holy symbol of Sikhs openness to all  religions people.Send us a MSG in Hindi English or Panjabi for suggestion on this article.

Amritsar Golden Temple of India image

Amritsar Golden Temple Holy Lake

There is a holy lake in Harmandir Sahib or Amritsar Golden Temple.There is a man made island. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is located in man mad island in holy lake.This holy pond is very famous for there holiest.All visitor and devotees must take a dip in the holy lake for clean there sin, wickedness, misdoing and there untreatable disease.This lake is full of many type fish, Devotees gave him food.There is a Akal Takht 100 meter away from Golden temple.Here is a one ground  floor and four other floor.Here is also a auditorium and is solved all many big problems of Sikhism or related to sikh community .

History of  and Architecture of Golden Temple

Amritsar Golden Temple of India hd picture

Amritsar Golden Temple is 400 year old. Sikh Gurudwara .This Great amirit sahar golden temple build by Sikh Guru Arjun.Its construction was started in December 1585 and end or completed in August 1604.The present day Gurdwara was rebuilt by great Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in 1764 .This designer was Guu Arjun he was also founder of this holy architecture .Its look like a golden temple.This great temple has ben many time destroyed so its reconstructed many time by great sikhs for there devotion and fath again and again.In 19 century many time Afgan invaders destroy this Sahib Darbar when Great King Maharana Ranjeet singh rebuild again and he was decorate with beautiful and so attractive gold lining.This temple always 24 hours opened for all devotees.most devotees  came here in evening to midnight.Its carving and outer beauty really so attractive.This Gurudwara have four door according to four direction because on that mainly four cast found in India.These door  have holy means for every cast or religious  devotees are freely visit here.Always every religion people are welcome here so its really something special for people.

Nearest Gurudwara from Harmandir Sahib gurudwara

Harmandir Sahib gurudwara picture

There are many others Gurudwara in Amritsar Golden Temple India but there are nearest famous gurudwara are   Baba Atal Gurdwara and Kauln mother.Its very near by Harmandir Sahib any can be reach here by foot in few minutes.Here is also a famous holy place called Guru's Palace(Guru Ka Mahal) on that time when constrict this Golden temple Guru is living here on that time.Baba Atal is nine-storey harritage and its also highest tall building of Amirat city.Its build in Memory of son of Hargobind who die in accidentally in 9 year age.There are many Picture of Great Guru Nanak and sikhism.Koulan is small Gurudwra .There is a Sargadi Sahib Gurudwara its build in 1902 by British government in memory of Sikh solder who die in Aglo Afgaan war.There is also near Jalia wala bag .

Langar ( Ancher)

In Amritsar Golden Temple always organized a Langar Its a free full eating and drinking arrangement.Its organised by Th Shiromany Gurudwara Manager Committee.Many thousand of devotees eat here holy Gurudwar's foor.After eat this holy food they feel lucky by eating this food.ALl people who coming here contibute in anchare with there compatible.above 40 thousad people always eat here holy Gurudwara food.There is Gururamdas Inn ist full free for saty devotees and visitor. Its a big 228 rooms and 18 big halls inn.Guru Ramsdas inn build in 1784Here is very familer arrangement for stay.A man three day regular will stay here free.

How to reach Amritsar Golden Temple

 Amritsar Golden Teple lake picture

The Golden Temple Amirata sahar  is a highly famous visited pilgrimage place in India and its chief holy place for sikhim .Its connected to all way by roadway,airway and railway with all big cities of India.You can choose any .Distance from Delhi  454 km 7 hours 21 min  by car

Best time for visit Amritsar Golden Temple of India

Amritsar Golden Temple you can visit all time but October to march is best time for visit Amritsar Golden Temple of India in this month here's climate is suitable  but October or November is better for visit here.
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pushkar Ajmer Moinuddin Chishti Dargah

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Ajmer Pushkar Garib Nawaj Daraga

all pushkar image with lake
Pushkar lake and hill
Ajmer is very oldest city of  Rajasthan about 7th Century A.D.its founder was Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan . It is fully oasis wrapped with the green hills.major it is the center emperor of the  Chauhan   power till 1193 A.D.After lost Ajmer from Mohammed Ghauri it is  became capital to many dynasties.Ajmer is has many tourism and religious places  both for Hindus and Muslim.Which Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah is famous in both hindu and Muslim religious also.and Pushkar  is very holy and religious point of Hindus .Here is many temples but there is a unique Bhramha Temple,its unique temple in all around the wold.You will never find anywhere like as pushkar. natural beauty. For Full Information about this place Send Msg in Hindi ya any language.

 Pushkar Ajmer Rajasthan

Pushkar is small town of Ajmer city but its natural beauty nothing else.Pushkar is a so much loved famous tourist destination, all visitor  who visit here just fall in natural beauty of Pushkar.It is situated on the edge on the Rajasthan Thar desert. The this town has very distinct tourism excitement with  shops selling various local and imported  accessories and many rooftop restaurants.Here in the famous holy Pushkar Lake and the nearby very famous and unique holy temple of God Brahma, here are visited by many Indian and other pilgrims every year. In October to  November months here is held a special Hindus religious and also commercial importance fair  . It has really religious significance.  Here are several famous temples destroyed by Aurangzeb after which again are manufactured.Its located at 11 kilometer from Ajmer.It is first choice of Foreigners and Indian.Here is three site is green hils and other side is many gorgeous temples.and at middle of this site there is a holy water lake.
image of pushkar ajmer
Pushkar festival dance kalbelia

Miracles of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah

image of garib nawaj kwaja sahab Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti born was born in 1141 and died in 1230 CE.He was also known Garib Nawaz. he is the most famous Sufi saint of the india Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's Dargah is very famous Dargah(mosque) in both community Hindus and Muslims.Its located in middle in Ajmer city.Anybody who goes here he feel a awesome peace in there heart.If you watch Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah visitor history you will find man high profile,famous actors,international political members,famous plays,and many VIP people visited here.When Mughal emperor Akbar have no child he came here by foot from Delhi
for Votive a child and there Votive was accepted after 9 moth there wife birth a child.There is always a crowd of people coming.Near by Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah has Dhai din ka Jhopada its build by Mughal emperor Akbar in only four days.Here big gates architecture really awesome.

How To Visit Pushkar Ajmer Khwaja Gharib Nawaj

How reach here from Taxi and Bus service .
Delhi to Ajmer Distance 77 miles / 443 km about 5 hour 30 minutes
Nearest Big city  Jaipur   131 km/81 miles 1 hour 51 minutes also have Airport Jodhpur  202 km/125 miles
also have Airport 
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