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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Jodhpur Fort History and Tourism Rajasthan

Jodhpur fort is a great example of biggest fort of Rajasthan India, As you know that Rajasthan is known by two things, One is is most popular thing is there send dunes, Means its Thar desert also popular in the world, and second biggest attraction which is its biggest forts which located on top of hills, Its same look Jalore Fort, You know there are many attraction in Rajasthan Like Tiger, Sand dunes, Palaces, Folk cultures and many new and old cities, But there are no one similar like here's forts,  If you will see there height and there roof means if you will climb on roof, you will feel like that you are on sky,  Today we are trying to share about similar fort which is best tourism attraction of Rajasthan The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Fort jodhpur image photo

History of Jodhpur Fort Rajasthan

Rajasthan history written in golden words, Here's all Kings and biggest historical buildings have very attractive history, Like same Jodhpur Fort also have big history of there marvelous architecture, Jodhpur name is Mehrangarh, This fort located on a 400 feet above hill, Its founded by Maharaj Jodha, He was a popular Rajput king,  Its founded in 1459 but  if you will see there high architecture than you will amazide that how they were do it on high point of hill. Its totally Rajput architecture marvelous fort, When you will walk on its surrounding wall then you will feel sky walk.

Some Facts of Mehrangarh Fort

This fort had many things which you will like, But in short description i am trying to share some things which also specialty of this Mehrangarh fort. Here you will see some knowledge of related to this great Rajputana's fort.

Mehrangarh Fort
Rao Jodha
Founded in 
400 feet (122 m) above
Chidiya Took Hill
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Architecture Of Jodhpur Fort

According to architecture its really on top list, Its totally build in Rajput Architecture so in this gorgeous man made marvelous very where showing Rajpoot culture. Its stone work and high wall which surrounding with fort really too good, This is great marvelous architecture had many different tourism attraction which we are trying to share here with short description.
Tourism Attraction of Jodhpur fort and Related to Jodhpur
Sheesha Mahal - Sheesha Mahal a Indian name its means The Mirrors Hall or Mirrors palace, Its best example of typical work of mirrors.
Moti Mahal -  Its also Indian word it means the Palace of Pears, Its largest hall of Mehrangarh Fort, Its founded in 1595 to 1619 by King Sur Singh.
Phool Mahal -  Name is showing its specialty, Its too attractive well decorated hall, Its a hall of flowers,  Its Founded by Maharaja   in 1724 to 1749, Its very private room of kings, 

Takht Vilas palace image photo

Ummed Bhawan Palace
Its a real touch of beauty, You can also call it Tajmahal, beacuse its look like taj, But its really so unique, Its founded by Maharaja Ummed Singh, its complate in about 14 year means its work start in 18 November  1929 and its completed on 1943. Now its converted into five start Hotel and its also residence of Royal family.
Jaswant Thada - Its also beautiful landmark which located near by this fort its founded by Sardar singh in 1899 in Memory of Maharaja Jaswant singh

Ummed Bhawan Palace image photo

How to Reach Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort ?

Mehrangarh Fort is located in Jodhpur district's Rajasthan State, Its second biggest biggest district of Rajasthan, Its connected with all lines, So you can visit using any way, Its fully connected to Airway Railway and roadway services, 

Distance of Jodhpur from Biggest Cities of India

Distance to  Jaipur       331 km
Distance to  Agra         553 km
Distance to  Mumbai    984 km
Distance to  Delhi         589 km
Distance to  Bangalore  1934 km

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