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Monday, 3 March 2014

True Bappa Rawal History and Biography

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Bappa Rawal History and Biography

Rajasthan is famous for there bravery and here's golden words history. The Bappa Rawal or Kalbhoj also a great man and Imperial ruler which is very famous in Rajasthan history. He was belonged to Mewad region and he was also founder of this emperor.He was eighth ruler of Rajput Dynasty( Guhilot )  If in India Mahatma Gandhi is very famous like that this Mewad Imperial ruler also famous in Rajasthan. Name meaning of Bappa is Bapu like Mahatma Gandhi. He was great king of Mewar Dynasty. His real name was not Bappa Rawal his name was Kalbhoj but inspire his great work for humanity and for country conferred the title Bappa. So he is very famous in Rajput community and also all Rajasthan.
Bappa Rawal  image,picture,,photo,wallpaper hd

Bappa Rawal and Mewad

Mewad is very famous Dynasty. There history and kings are very attractive and inseparable. there Mahrana Pratap, maharana Khumbha and many more are had a special place in Indian great people history. Why Mewad's king was an example of valor, bravery, heroine, hardihood, pluck, stoutness,courage, adventure, daring, boldness, stuffing, bravery,masculinity, bravery ? Its main reason is because  there first  Rajput founder was like Kalbhoj. Here's all kings was follow older kings law. So they like freedom.

Bappa Rawal  Biography

Rajput sign image,picture,,photo,wallpaper hd
Bappa Rawal born in 713 in region of Nagada. We don't know correct time we also get this birth information from encyclopedia.His father name was Rawal Mahindra 2. He was a Gahalot dynasty. Rwal Mahindra was 7th ruler of Guhilot dynasty.When he was only 3 year old in 716 his father Mahendra guhilot assassinated. That story he was listen by his aaya and Bheel Kabila (tribe). For security of Bappa Rawal and his mother's Bheel Kabila (tribe) took into safe place. His wife is nice and beautiful princess on that time. she was play nice role in there life. When he was 18 year old he taken ownership of  Chittod.Bappa rawal was lost in Nagada and his  mausoleum  also located in Nagad. In his life he was fight with Muslim attacker and also get victory.

Bappa Rawal  and Bheel Tribe (Kbila)

If you read complete history of Bappa Rawal  than you will know that Bheel Tribe was do many help of this great king. When his father  Mahendra Guhilot assassinated by some bad mans. When Bappa Rawal only 3 year old. He and his mother was not secure on that time. She was can't do anything for security of his son. He was totally helpless on That time Bheel Tribe (Kbila) helped Bappa Rawal and his mother. They took both into safe place.  Some best  Warriors  and Bheel Tribe (Kbila) taught him war skills, military  and all useful battle tips and trick. So on that time Bheel tribes also calledA char of Bharat.

Bappa Rawal Coins

Bappa Rawal  image,picture,,photo,wallpaper hd

Dr. Gauri Shankar Hirachand Ojha agree that Ajmer's golden coin is considered by Bapa Rawal.There is trident. On left side of coin there is a Trisul and right side Shivling. On coin there is stand a cow  calf is weaned.There is a also sun sign and roof sign. Also according this we can say that Bappa Rawal was a powerful and Imperial ruler of Mewad.For more information and suggestion please  give  us one msg in Hindi or English on contact page.

About Bappa Rawal Article

All information which written on this article are taken from many articles. There are not prefect information about Born and Biography. So we have not prefect information. If you think some information its not true or not right please contact us we will solve this. If you know more about  Biography and other information you can wright for us we will also post with your name.
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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Shahid Rajaram Meghwal and Meghwal Samaj Jodhpur Fort

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Shahid Rajaram Meghwal and Meghwal Samaj Jodhpur Fort

Everyone know about Amar shree Shahid Rajaram Meghwal's. It name writhed in golden words in Jodhpur fort history and also in Meghwal community (samaj ). He was sacrificed for the benefit of Maharaja (King) of Jodhpur. He was  interred alive in when the foundation was laid of Jodhpur Mehramgarh fort better  strength of fort. His name also included in here's royal history. So he was great example of Meghwal's Sacrifice. Its happen in  12 May 1459 in Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur. Due to there sacrifice now Mehrangarh Fort is strongest fort in Rajasthan and also in India.Its all parts are fully well condition.
Shahid Rajaram Meghwal Jodhpur Fort real picture,photo,image

Mehrangarh Fort RajaRam location

Mehrangarh Fort is very high and its located in middle city Jodhpur district in Rajasthan state. Its big and gorgeous Rajput architecture. Its located in hill top of Chidiya took hill. Chidiyatook is known in memory of Chiidiya Nath Ji saint. Its highest tourism focal point of this city.There are many Sahid list related Mehrangarh Fort and he is also included in this list.

History Shahid Rajaram Meghwal Jodhpur

We have not more information about Shahid but Jodhpur fort founded in 1459, on Chidiya took rock  by Rao Jodha was build this.On that we don't know perfect age of Shahid bit i n traditional stories showing that on that time He was only about 35 year old. man. With his agreement and for better strenth of fort he was He was was interred alive in when the foundation. For this sacrificed (Khurbani) Rao Jodha (Jodhpur)  was very impressed he was give there family  some land  in Sursagr "Rajbag to" and  gracefully and free acquitted service! ".

Amar Shahid Rajaram Meghwal in Books

Shahid Rajaram Meghwal photo, image,picture Jodhpur Fort

 On 12 February 1874 A.D Albert victor of wales was visit and he was published a book ''Vide of  Jodhpur'' . In this book's page nomber 7th also written for that great Shahid man  '' Rajiya''  who was  interred alive in when the foundation of this fort. Rajaputana's Sargent leftinent Dr. Adams I.M.S.M.D. was lunched a  ''Western Rajaputana State'' English book in London. In this book's page number 81 also written for Rajiya who interred alive in Mehrangarh Fort.

Shahid Rajaram Meghwal and Meghwal Samaj

In this cast Shahid Rajaram is a good place in among its community. They never forget his sacrificed. There many trust and organization which named in memory of Shahid Rajaram. They celebrate his birthday in all Rajasthan area and also  around The Mehramgarh fort is most well condition fort in India its also happen due to sacrificed. So we we never forgot him. He is located in our heart.

Gotra of  Shahid Rajaram Meghwal  Jodhpur Fort

Shahid Rajaram is related to Meghwal cast. Shahid Rajaram's Gotra is Kadela. But every where he is known as sir name Meghwal. His descendant mainly living Rajbagh and 5th Road or Pachavi road Jodhpur. Raoyal family of Jodhpur is also giving honer  to his descendant. He was great man.
Amar Shahid Rajaram Meghwal Jodhpur Fort image picture photo

How to Visit Mehrangarh Fort

If you wanna visit Mehrangarh Fort its located in Jodhpur district Rajasthan state,Its fully connected with Roadways,railways and airways. There is also birth place of Shahid Rajaram Meghwal which  Rajabag Surasagar.You can visit here his family also.
This article is not fully complete, I was search many book and article but me not found prefect history about this, if had more information related to this article please wright for us. You can direct summit your information by Contact us. We share your information with your Name. Thanks Regarding Author.
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death

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Prithviraj Chauhan History

Prithviraj Chauhan was king of the Hindu Kshatriya Chauhan dynasty in north India Ajmer and delhi1 2th century.Prithviraj Chauhan is famous Rajpoot Hercules He is also known as 'Rai Pithora' for his bravery. he is very famous in Indian history. There many reason for there famous among Indian people like as his love story with Gori betel with Mohhamad Gori called Tariyan war or battle.

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Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

Prithviraj Chauhan Birth and Biography

He was born in 1149  History which later became known as the great Hindu Cohan king Prithviraj Chauhan. His mother name was Kapoori devi she get after 12 this son and his father name is Someswar, He was also a great man.

Prithviraj Chauhan
Known Rai Pithora
Mother name
Kapoori Devi
Father name
Wife name

Love story of Prithviraj With Sanyogita

Sanyogita and Pritviraj Chauhan's love story  imprinted in golden words in the history of Rajasthan.Pritviraj Chohan was loved to Kannauj king Jaychand's .doughtier Sanyogita she so beautiful princess that time.Sanyogitya at first sight she gave there heart to Prithviraj because he is also so beautiful ,But love of Sanyogita and Pritviraj Chauhan's not comfortable for Kannauj king Jaychand,because he was don't like Prithviraj Chohan they was  sworn enemy.King Jaychand organized swaymver ( a organization where princess select any kind prince of there choice) for Sanyogita but not invite love of Sanyogita Pritviraj Chauhan. for insult Pritviraj Chauhan's their statue are imposed on the sit of the concierge but on that time Pritviraj chohan came there and kidnapped sayogita and run away on home fort. There they was marry to sayogita .Kannauj king Jaychand's can't tuch when he was run.Kannauj king Jaychand was going very angry to this.

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Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

Prithviraj and Chnadra Bardai killed Gori

Jaychand to revenge the insult Muhammad Ghori attack on  Prithviraj Chauhan' shook friendship hands and invited him.Pritviraj Chauhan many time  defeated Muhammad Ghori,He was defeated 17 times but he leave him own free handed and Generous. After many bettele Mohhamad Gori don't find any he choose some other way for capture 18th last  fraudulently Muhammad Ghori captured Prithviraj Chohan,He don't understand his deception.And he was took him in own country.He was very  badly behaved  with Prthviraj Chohan .He gave him many dangerous Pang.

Muhammad Ghori Killed  By Chohan

Prithviraj Chauhan History love Sanyogita and Death image

At last Muhammad Ghori burnt his eyes with hot poker . Finally blind Prithviraj chohan and his very close friend Chandra bardai planned to killed Mohhamd Gori.Chandra Bardai know that Pritviraj Chauhan is high specialized in piercing arrow on dropping the word .Chandra Bardai tell this specialization of Prithviraj chohan to Mohammad Gori for watch demo.So  Mohammad Gori very attract to this specialization.

Chohan Know about Awesome piercing arrow on dropping  

He order to Chandra bardai for create a demo of  awesome style of piercing arrow on dropping the word.At last for target to Mohhamd Gori Chandra bardai sing a special Hindi quote Mohhamd Gori cant understand  using quote of Chandra Bardai Prithvi raj Choahan shoot the Mohhammd  Gori and he was killed.

Final Words

This true and right storoy of this greate king, If you have any new also unique line on this article you can suggest us, May be your suggestion also useful for us, If you wanna more aticle on Rajsthan History, Please keep visit our blog, Thank you

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj History

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Every Indian know about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who is great man.He is most famous in Maharasra known as Shivaji Raje Bhosle.He was the founder of the Great Maratha .In Maharasta Famous quote is Jai Maharastra Jai Shivaji. He was born February 19, 1630  in Shivneri fort in Maharastra.Shivaji is a disciplined army and well structured proprietorial organizations established with a progressive and competent civil rule.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj History image photo

About Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Known As
Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle
February 19, 1627, Shivneri Fort
April 3, 1680  RaiGadh
Maratha Empire1674

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj born in Febuary 19,1627 in in shivneri fort Pune (Poona),Shivneri fort located at near by the city of north Junnar , his mother name is Jijabai and his father name is Shahaji,His  saints and the Ramayana,He was married with  Nimbalkar May 14,1640in Lal Mahal Poone Bhosle's  big son name was Shambha Ji. There childhood was suffered with Raja Ram Gopal,the Mahabharata, discourses and stories in the past.

Shivaji Maharaj History

He is very inspire from this. He specializes in all special arts and styles like politics and war and he was fully know about special technique of politics and also very famous on in these fields. His father also a powerful lord.on character of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj there percents are very affected. For better security and power he was constructed and repaired many forts on that time.He used special warfare technique called guerrilla warfare tactics for better success with small power and solders. He was developed best and strong many intelligence network with all religions and he was famous among in all religions and castes. You can send us a MSG in Hindi, English and Marathi for more Information.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Battle Conflict

Start of military domination
Shivaji was true  warrior they are known to be tough to live the skilled warrior.Helping Maratha people he was build a fort as a commanding station.On the that  time of the Mughal emperor invasion of Bijapur it was troubled by internecine strife.on early time Bhosle maharaj decided to take advantage of. Bijapur then adopted .First Fort was Toran Fort adopted by Bhosle Maharaj.

Invitation to Agra and escape

Mughal emperor Auranzeb invited to The Bhosle at Agra fort.He was goes there,After going he was felt that Auranzed ignore him and also felt that are not getting to me proper respect.So Bhosle was going to very angry against Aurangzeb in levee (darabar).

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