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Jalore Fort History and Tourism

Jalore Fort is also also known Jalore Quilla or Swanagiri Durg, Its best attraction of Rajasthan tourism, In last post we was share with you Jodhpur Fort History and Tourism Rajasthan, Today we are talking about Jalore fort History and tourism guide, You know that Rajasthan is a unique state of India which have different natural gifts like sand, Hills, and forests but its not limited because there are many things which making this state more unique, like its forts, palaces, history and great man and many stories, Today we are talking about its a unique tourism attraction which is Jalore fort.  Jalore is small district of Rajasthan, But its very historical city which have a fort, temples and nice history. Its taking place in oldest fort list, Lets read more about Rajasthan tourism attractions.

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History of Jalore Fort

As you know that Jalore fort is oldest fort of Rajasthan, Its founded by between the 8th and 10th centuries. Actually there no one exact proof for fix date. Its was Jalore was ruled by the Parmar, Rajput. Its was founded by Kirtipala, the youngest son of Alhan Ruler of Nadol. Its witness of many wars, In 1311 it was destroyed  by Ala ud din Khilji, which is power ful king on that time of Delhi, On that attack  Kanhad Dev Songara and his son Viramdeo Songara died and many great women of king families performed jauhar (like suicide for save there privacy)

Jalore Fort History image photo

Some Facts of Mehrangarh Fort

Swanagiri Durg
Kirtipala, the youngest son of Alhan Ruler of Nadol
Founded in            
8th–10th centuries AD
336m (1200 ft)
Sonagir ‘golden mount’ Small hill
Jalore, Rajasthan, India

Tourism Attractions Of Jalore
You know this is oldest fort Rajaasthan, Which founded in 8th–10th centuries AD and it was  destroyed  by Ala ud din Khilji so it is not well condition right now, But there are many historical things which more liked by tourist. Its situated on Sonagir hill with well condition surrounding wall giving this gorgeous look, Here is many small Jain temples Parsvanath, Adinath, Mahivira and also a The Fort Mosques which known Killa Masjid. Here is also located a Lord Shiva temple, Its very old and there kings was worship there. There are also many small temples which located in Fort's many places.

Jalore Fort Jain Temple History image photo

Nearest Tourism Places from Jalore

Jalore is the holy place because there many temples you will see here,   From 105 km to Jalore city located Sundha Mata Temple, Its really most popular temple in Rajasthan also popular in Gujrat state, You can visit here on August to September on fair of Navratra.

How to Reach Jalore Fort Rajasthan

If you wanna visit Jalore for than you can visit easily by Train and roadways, Its small district of Rajasthan which connected to all big cities of Rajasthan also many popular Cities of India,  You can visit here using your personal car also, Here you can visit any time but August to September is best time for visit here, On that time here you will see popular Sundha Mata Fair.

Nearest Biggest cities from Jalore

Jodhpur    143 km 2 hour 20 minutes
Udaipur  200 km 3 hour 20 minutes
Jaislamer  310 km 4 hour 34 minutes
Jaipur   390 5 hour 50 minutes
Delhi  650 km 9 hour 35 minutes
Ahmadabad 314 km 5 hour 30 min

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